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Big Bang’s Electric Love Bus

Big Bang finally started their 2010 tour in Japan called “ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR.” To commemorate this wonderful occasion they guys designed their own tour bus. The group will be in Japan this month to do their tour and then head back home.

They kicked off their tour in Yokohama Arena yesterday (2/10) and will do another show tonight and will head to Kobe World Hall (13~14), Nippon Budokan (16~17), Osaka and Nagoya.

SeungRi stated, “I can’t wait to go back home [to Korea.]” While G-Dragon informs their fans that “all the preparations have been going smoothly, so please enjoy it to your hearts content.

If your attending the concert tour and have not been informed of the guidelines, you should take a look at their official Japanese website as they have instructions for conduct before, during and after the show; also information on how to give presents to the members, available in Japanese, Korean and English. You can view them here.

If you can’t make it to the concert, have no fear. TBS Channel will be airing a line up of Big Bang concerts for all their fans.

ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR will air on 3/27 at 24:00~26:00 (0:00~2:00).
G-Dragon‘s solo live “SHINE A LIGHT” will be airing this Saturday (2/13) at 11:00~1:00 and on 3/6 at 0:00~2:00.
Big Bang‘s 2009 Concert Tour “BIG SHOW” will air 3/13 at 0:00~1:40.

A ‘classified special part 2’ of the group will be aired on 3/26 from 9:00~10:00. If that weren’t enough, TBS Channel will start airing TOP’s drama “IRIS” starting 3/26, so mark your calendars!

Here’s their set list from a concert go-er minus her comments (from teambigbang):
1. 「ガラガラ GO!!」
2. 「top of the world」 + mc talked
3. 「hallelujah」
4. vi vtr + 「strong baby」
5. 「wedding dress」
6. 「turn it up pv」
7. 「follow me」
8. 「number 1」
9. 「stylish」
10. 「fire」 2NE1
11. 「i dont care」
12. 「somsatang」
13. 「5 songs medley by d-lite&vi」
14. 「stay」
15. 「haru haru」 + last year activity summary
16. 「a boy」
17. 「heartbreaker」
18. 「korean dream」
19. 「rain is falling」
20. 「声を聞かせて」
21. 「lie」 + interview each BIGBANG members on the making of the album in japan
1. 「how gee」 (not so sure ><)
2. 「my heaven」

What I would like to know is why out of the 23 songs, only about 1/3 of it is Japanese and what’s with the 2NE1 songs? I mean if they did Lollipop I can understand but I’m not getting the “Fire” and “I don’t care“, even if 2NE1 was there to perform it. Then they have GD do three of his solo songs plus the one he did with w-inds. It’s not that I’m against it, but I thought this was a group effort. TaeYang only got one solo song in, TOP didn’t even get his in (the one he did in Korea.)

Well it is their Japan tour after all. Their first two mini albums that was their “Japanese albums” were done in 90% English, go figure. They could have least done some oldies instead of letting GD stealing the light from the other four.

It’s ok I still love you guys, just don’t turn into w-inds. where only one or two of you are the main attraction cause then that’s just fail.

source: sanspo, teambigbang@blogspot

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