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Online Shopping Guide

Why purchase CDs?
Some of you may ask yourselves this question when it comes to the whole “SHARING is CARING!” bit.
Well smart-asses I’ll tell you what, if SHARING is CARING, like 99.9% of you leechers say, then CARING means that you CARE enough to buy the actual merchandise.

You do know that when you “sample” (aka download) those albums and singles (for sample purposes), but NEVER actually purchase the actual CD. You are not only hurting the label, but you are hurting the artist. You do KNOW that by NOT purchasing, it does cause the artists to NOT release anything or in any event, actually get the artist get kicked off the label. If sales drop, then the label will see the artist as someone who can NOT PRODUCE anything and when that happens… well most of you wonder why the artist isn’t releasing anything. Yes they may still have that contract, but that label can “shelf” that oh-so-called “album” until that contract is up and then boot the artist.

REMEMBER: SHARING is CARING ONLY when you CARE enough to support your artist. No purchase = NO BUENO!

Why are prices so high?
There are two reasons why prices are so high.

Reason 1:
If your purchasing from a store within your country, you have to pay import fee’s. You didn’t actually think those stores get it for free did you? Or that they don’t have to pay extra fee’s.

When you own a business, there are a LOT of expenses one must pay and when it comes to retail, you have to pay for the cost of shipping and shipping boxes that weigh at least 5+ pounds is expensive. Especially if they are being delivered express mail from another country (in this case Japan and Korea).

Reason 2:
“I LOVE so-so!! But buying their stuff is too expensive for me.”
That’s excuse #1.

If you really LOVED your artist, why wouldn’t you want to support them?

There are people out there who are less fortunate, but you’re obviously living in a house, with internet and clothes that you seem to be buying. (And for some of you J-Rock fans, who seem to have magic money to buy all those pricey clothes and travel to all those concerts and cons, purchasing the actual CD wouldn’t hurt).

The reason some places raise the price on CDs or merchandise is easy:
You’re downloading and getting free merchandise.
Downloading = “stealing” = raise in $$
Some of you may say, “it’s not stealing”.

Well here let me make it easier for you: if you go to a store, steal a CD/DVD/magazine, the store needs to raise its prices to compensate for the loss. Make sense now?

Where to purchase?
Some of you may not know where to purchase Official Japanese CD’s from, some of you do. Now some of you sometimes wonder,  “Why isn’t my favorite artist on Oricon!? This CD is sooo good!” Well we’re here to tell you, that depends on WHERE you are buying from. There are places online that contribute to the sales for Oricon Ranking Charts.Where you purchase from DOES matter.

Although the shipping will make you want to pull out your hair, if you buy in bulk and more than
one or two cd’s you can cut down on S&H and
save a LOT of cash.

So to ensure you get the official releases and contribute to supporting your artists, here are a few places that ship Internationally:

CD Japan – They are one of the best places to purchase CD’s from and have friendly service. Every time you purchase from CDJ, they send you coupons to use towards future purchases. Their website is easy to navigate and is in English and Japanese.

Amazon Japan – is one of the best places to find what your looking for especially if it’s old. They are a bit cheaper than CDJ when it comes to shipping and just like CDJ each purchase you make has points that you can use towards purchases. Even though it is in Japanese, they do have an English version if you look in the upper right hand corner. They usually ship pre-orders early so you sometimes get the CD even before its official release date.

If S&H are a problem for you, then you can always purchase from other online merchants that specialize in the same market, but REMEMBER: Sales from these places DO NOT count toward actual sales for Oricon Ranking Charts.

Yesasia – one the most popular places to buy J-Pop in the North American region. Not only do they sell Japanese CD’s but they sell Korean and Chinese CD’s as well. For J-Pop cd’s they do have the overseas version’s as well (as we all know that sometimes overseas versions have something extra).

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