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Nick Simmons VS Bleach = SuJu VS Lyle Beniga

So this whole ‘plagiarizing’ Bleach situation got me thinking about the whole Super Junior jacking Lyle’s choreographies. In essence the situations are very similar.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about and you haven’t heard, Nick Simmons, son of Gene Simmons is under scrutiny by the manga fans as well as his own publishers.

Nick set out to release his new “manga” called Incarnate.

incarnate photo by kylara21

It was brought to Kubo Tite’s attention yesterday when he received message overload on his twitter stating that someone in the U.S. is copying his work of Bleach.

I’m not going to go into the whole debate about it. You can read and a very well written article about it by Deb Aoki.

For full comparison’s between the two you can see it at Bleachness@LJ.

Now for my comparison to the SuJu situation before. Honestly, I’m only writing about it because the two situations are very very similar.

If I was mangaka and people were making fan-art of my work, that’s a huge compliment. It means that my story, my art work is liked/loved by many people. Enough so, that people want to re-produce it in their own eyes. But, if someone blantly took my work, like straight copied it, got it produced in mass production and sold as ‘original’ I’d be mad.

Realize Japan is on a whole different level when it comes what is entertainment and what sells/works. What works in that country won’t work here. It’s been tried and failed.

This is like the Super Junior ‘copying’ 2 of Lyle Beniga’s choreographies. After reading about this situation, one can actually say they plagiarized his work.

How? The difference of people learning a choreography and posting it on YouTube and having an actual Idol group perform it on national television (and in a dance battle that they ended up winning) is pretty big. There is no fine line in that sense.

The situations are very similar in this case. Fan-art is copied but at the same time has the artists’ own style (or flare) to it. They aren’t getting paid huge amounts of money. Yes they are attempting to sell it, but like most of what twitterverse has been saying, they don’t make that much money and sometimes end up in the red.

What Nick did was not only copy the original work, but claimed it as his own. He is a ‘celebrity’ and is/was going to make profit. It’s the same thing with SuJu. While they didn’t say it was their original choreography, they didn’t give proper credit to it’s original creator.

Both situations have a celebrities who ‘traced’/’copied’ another’s work. It wasn’t just the story line, it was character design and drawing style as well. Both situations included people who in their own genre’s are famous, but not as famous or paid as ‘well known’ as the celebrities. (Although Nick is living off his dad’s name.)

There’s a fine line between fan-art and plagiarizing.

What do you all think?

There’s also a facebook group that has a list of other manga’s Nick is accused of plagiarizing.

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Is Becky Cruel the new Leah Dizon?

becky cruel

Who is Beckii Cruel? She’s a 14-year old girl from Britain who will make her Japanese debut on 12/9 with a DVD titled, “This is Beckii Cruel.

Some are dubbing her the next Leah Dizon.  We don’t think so but whatever floats Japan’s boat.

Becky was discovered by her Youtube videos that she posted. She would post videos of herself dancing to anime theme songs. She received so many hits and recognition by NicoNico. She even has her own community thread on there.

She will be taking stage on the 10/25 at the Akihabara Entertainment Festival.

You know if this is the way to get discovered, I’m starting to think that some of us need to put up some cheesy videos just so we can debut in Japan too.

Links to Beckii
Beckii’s Youtube
NicoNico Video
NicoNico Community 1 and 2

source: sanspo

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J-Pop has its Takoyaki boys and then some

takoyaki boys

Akira of Lead and fellow member Shinya had a little takoyaki party with the Izaki brothers (FLAME).

While Yusuke and Hisato Izaki are busy making the food, Akira sat back, relaxed as the two ‘experts’ in making takoyaki show off their skills (aka let them do all the work, while he just waits to eat).

Shinya did lend a helping hand, but Akira explains that, “the Izaki brothers are very serious when they make takoyaki,” and also explains that they have the ‘Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu’ when it comes to handling a knife. If you don’t know that reference, go watch Rurouni Kenshin.

takoyaki boys takoyaki boys

source: akira’s blog

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YUKI brings you a message


It’s been a while, but Judy and Mary’s vocalist is back with a brand new single, “COSMIC BOX.” This will be YUKI’s 19th singles since the band disbanded back in early 2000s.

The song will be the opening to anime, “Magare! Spoon” and will be released on 11/18. The single will also have her original Christmas song, “Message”. First press comes with a DVD of her PV “COSMIC BOX.”

Pre-order: Limited Edition | Regular

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“Anime makes Japan go-round”

anime makes japan happy

Singer, Yaguchi Mari (ex-Morning Musume) and actress Kurayama Chiaki (Kill Bill 1&2) and Katou Natsuki, will take part in Animexx’s new program on the 30th called “Anime makes Japan Happy” (or so translated). The program’s theme is “We love anime” and the girl’s will be talking about their favorite anime’s. From “Slam Dunk” to “Sailormoon”, these girls will show you what you’ve been missing.

I guess this is what you do when you’re a struggling actress/talent in Japan. You do random variety shows that have absolutely nothing to do with your career.

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K-drama’s are the “anime” sensation of Japan…

for NOW and at least for the women! The new South Korean culture center is now open! In Shinjuku no less! Right next to Kabukicho! Give a reason for all those women to go to host clubs now!

The hall holds 307 people that will hold events, screen movies and anything else related to South Korea. You can learn Korean, tae kwon do and even try on Korean dresses! With all this why go to Korea when you can go to Shinjuku?

‘‘I want to learn Korean culture and language here,’’ said a 49-year-old woman from the city of Chiba who was visiting the center. ‘‘If you go on a tour for fans of Korean movies, you don’t get to enjoy sightseeing much because you’re too busy attending events related to Korean actors.’’

But really, since Japan started airing all those K-drama’s (not to mention stealing Korean celebs aka BoA, DBSK, Big Bang, etc.), all the sudden the 40 something year old’s want to take Korean classes! Here I thought people of their age hated Korean’s because you know, they can’t let go of that old war hatred and whatnot. But apparently a good looking pair of faces and bottoms can make that all GO AWAY!.

source: JapanToday

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