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Shinya Taniuchi is Leading the Shinsengumi

Shinya Taniuchi of J-Pop group Lead is starring in the drama adaptation of Shisengumi Peace Maker. The comic was popularized a few years ago and is the prequel to “Peace Maker Kurogane.” This live action drama has a pretty amazing ikemen cast.

This is the story of a young boy, Tetsunosuke Ichimura (Suga Kenta), who wants to join the Shinsengumi after witnessing the death of his parents by Choshu rebels before the Meiji Restoration.

Shinya plays Toshizou Hijikata, the ‘demon’ of the Shinsengumi. He accepts Tetsunosuke’s acceptance into the Shinsengumi, but as his page. While he is a major player during those times, we have yet to see how the drama will play out the role. The story revolves around Tetsunosuke and thus far have not seen much of this character.

Also joining Shinya is fellow Takoyaki Boys member, Yusuke Izaki from FLAME. He plays Sanosuke Harada, one of three members who befriend and look after Testu. Yuuta Furukawa joins as Tatsunosuke Ichimura, accountant for the Shinsengumi and Tetsu’s older brother.

D-Boys members Tomo Yanigishita plays Souji Okita, the Shinsengumi’s #1 swordsman; Hirofumi Araki as Choshu rebel leader, Toshimaru Yoshida.

Yuuta Furukawa

Tomo Yanigishita

Hirofumi Araki

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Erika Sawajiri for French Porn?

Oh Erika is at it again this time rumors are flying that Erika Sawajiri posed nude for a French pornography magazine. Of course all this is unofficial and under the radar.

They say the reason behind it is because she’s out of work and her husband Tsuyoshi Takashiro is running out of money. So to come up with money Erika posed for a “hair” photobook [where you can see just about everything].

The plan was for Erika to shoot the photos in France [by a half French-man] and then publish the book in Japan. They were also going to dye her hair and pubic area blonde for the photoshoot. It was going to be a collection of photographs,” said the publication coordinator.

A former publisher explained that if 300,000 copies sold, Erika would be guaranteed at least 100,000,000 yen, but it could be cancelled at once if there was a mistake made during the process.

Well this is why we love Erika, the rumor/gossip world was getting bored without her.

source: スクープ!エンタメ 芸能 のツボ

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Are Yamapi and Seira Kagami already living together?


Earlier in June, magazine Friday released photo’s of Seira Kagami and Tomohisa Yamashita. And now they re-printed them, why?

Well gossip has it that the two are living together.

Friday did release a photo of the two on a date at the Akachouchin. Their faces were so close, its like they were [going to] kiss. A Yuurakuchou guard at Akachouchin, who is a fan, witnessed this.

It’s refreshing and good feeling,” quoted from BUBKA, “it has nothing to do with Abiru.

What was the reason that Yamapi and Yuu broke up?

It happened in March at an after party. They met at a private movie screening. But the girl he called out to meet was a half-Japanese model that he liked who is A’s friend, K. After that, they went to a club and Y started develope some feelings for her,” said A-san. (cited from BUBKA)

But the photo that Friday released happened in June, so why bring this up now?

Well according to BUBKA, they spoke to a staffer who has proof, a photo, that the two have been living together. But the staffer doesn’t want any trouble with Y’s agency so they haven’t revealed it. (from a reporter at a weekly magazine)

In the photo that Friday published, the knit cap that Yamapi was wearing is the same as the one [in a photo] that Kagami had uploaded on her blog.

Just a week after Y contracted the influenza, he went to Kagami’s event. Even with filming his drama and having a busy schedule, he has a lot of pressure on him. But this hasn’t stopped him from being all ‘lovey-dovey’,” said a reporter from the weekly magazine. (cited from BUBKA)

They tried looking for the photos of the knit cap that Kagami [supposedly] uploaded but none were found. Maybe she took them down after Friday published the photo of Yamapi and herself? But it’s also possible that the photo that Friday published [that had the same knit cap Kagami uploaded] was just a coincidence.

If that picture of them living together does exist, then we know for a fact that they are together.

With what Kagami said a few days ago at the event she attended, it does make one wonder.

source: スクープ!エンタメ 芸能 のツボ

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Seira Kagami drops a bomb about Yamapi


Seira Kagami attened an event for the horror movie “Final Dead Circut 3D“, in which they all had an “3D Glasses Best Dresser Award”.

“It was really amazing to see the intensity when using the 3D glasses,” said Seira’s publicist.

When asked, “How about a horror movie with your guy from NEWS?Seira replied, “He’s unreliable!! Ahaha” while making a smiling face like Yamapi.

Is this smiling face proof that we’re going out?“, “I guess…” and bashfully, “Everyone just loves going to a place that’s good and cheap.” It was like she just dropped a bomb shell.

source: sanspo

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Misaki Izuoka, the POPTEEN winner celebrates

Misaki Izuoka

Happy Birthday to Misaki Izuoka.

The POPTEEN model celebrated her 19th birthday today (9/24 JST) with friends. Her friend Kumiko invited her to go out for dinner to celebrate. To Misaki‘s surprise, Kumiko threw her a surprise birthday party, inviting thirty of Misaki‘s friends to celebrate with her.

She was taken away with the gesture as she wasn’t sure what to say when they all screamed “Congratulations Misaki!!

“The people that I love most threw me a surprise birthday party,” said Misaki, “even though they had work, they came. And I know that they’re all really busy, I’m really grateful that they came. Thank you m(_)m. I’m really happy. I love you all.”

source: misaki’s blog

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Yamashita Tomohisa is on edge?


Yamapi on edge? Is he bathing in the sensativity that is Kagami!?

On 9/17, Friday has reported that Yamapi took out his model girlfriend, Seira Kagami to a pub for a date.

They say that the pair of lovers were spotted huddled in a corner drinking alcohol together.

“Yamashita and Kagami are not going out. They are nothing more than friends,” says a Johnny’s associate.

The two, though, do know each other that much is known. Kagami hasn’t had a boyfriend in a while, and these two definitely have some type of relationship.

“Lately, Kagami has started going to clubs and singing; at least 2-3 times a month. And Yamashita has been seen going to these clubs. There are times though that it has been unexpected.”

Though their relationship does seem to be good, we’re not exactly sure what it is.

“I’m not really sure when they started seeing each other since this type of stuff is usually kept hidden, but it also looks like he wasn’t able to cut it off completely with Yuu. It doesn’t look like it this time; I get the feeling that this relationship is an inseparable one. And that’s where the rumors come from.”

Even though him and Yuu broke it off, their relationship also seemed like an inseparable one. They’re not sure about Yamashita, but Yuu and Kagami seem to have a friend in common also. Someone said, “The relationship seems to be at a subtle place right now.”

Yamapi’s drama, Buzzer Beat hasn’t been doing so well, not as much as they had hoped. It looks like that this is a scandal that they are just letting go.

“To tell you the truth, the drama’s that Johnnys’ star in haven’t been doing well. The only one that’s done pretty well was Tokuban, which had all the members of SMAP appear and that was at 7%,” said a reporter.

The time for Johnny Kitagawa’s talent is coming to an end with this era. “The ratings only get higher when they have a “ikemen” starring in the drama,” says an industry insider.

source: 芸能探偵

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