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Does 2NE1 deserve the solo treatment?


Barely five months old and Korean hip-pop group, 2NE1 will have their first solo concert.  The girls are set to debut with their first full length album this November. YG Entertainment has announced that the girls will also do a solo concert after the release of this album.

While many female groups rarely get to do solo concerts, 2NE1 is joining the ranks of old school K-Pop idols like S.E.S., Fin.k.L, and Wonder Girls. But is this solo debut too premature?

While there are many who say yes, there are about the same amount who say no. What do I say? I say its a bit too premature. Why? While I love 2NE1 out of all the female groups out there to date, a solo concert when your barely going to be half a year old is like asking a baby to talk right after you hear the child say “mommy.”

The saying goes, “strike while the kettle’s hot,” but something like this can easily go over the boiling point. In resulting the girls to become uninteresting and undesirable. Other groups like SNSD who have been around a lot longer, have yet to do a solo concert, knowing full well that they could sell out an arena of some sort.

A group who stays indies for a while, will produce longer, lasting fans. If 2NE1 goes solo now, later down the line they could lose fans instead of gain them.

It’s a proven fact with indies artists. An indies artist who is indies for at least one to two years, then makes a ‘major’ debut  has a lesser chance of losing fans. They stand to gain fans as a trendy artist, but if something happens, those fans from those indies days prove to be loyal and stay. Most of the time they only stand to gain fans as opposed to lose them.

2NE1 in my opinion is an indies artist. They need to simmer and reach a fair temperature and stay there for as long as they can, so they don’t boil and lose that momentum.  Because we all know at the current rate of girl groups coming out of the wood works, 2NE1 can easily be replaced in a micro second.

As Heidi Klum says, “One day your in, the next day your out.

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Give this girl a Kiss, CL!

sandara 2NE1

2NE1 member Dara has released her new digital single called “Kiss ft. CL“. While everyone was expecting Bom or CL to do their solo debut’s first, I kind of expected Dara to. Only because she’s the only one who’s ever had her own solo music career outside of the group.

The song itself is ok, it could have been better, but lets face it, its 100 times better than her Filipino releases. For some reason, I don’t like the concept of her single. Trying to make her out to be someone she obviously isn’t, and her eye make-up makes me want to re-do it myself. I’m sorry by YG, I know you’re make-up artists are gay, but really, they should realize they’re not putting on make-up on drag queens.  I will say though, that Dara looks half pinay in this photo. Let’s hope that nobody in the Philippines kills someone over her song now, like they did with the Wonder Girls.

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2NE1 doesn’t like Pretty boys


2NE1 is back with a new performance and its for the bombest song off their album, Pretty Boy.  Did I mention how awesome this song is?

Although I’m not too keen on their choice of outfits and the dance. YG mentioned that Minzy was picked because of her dancing and a lot of people raved about her skills, but I just don’t see how great she really is. She’s an alright dancer when it comes to choreo, but her freestyling just doesn’t seem like freestyle. More like choreoed freestyling, if that makes sense. They also need to change the make-up artist for Bom, she’s so pretty yet they cover her face and her eyes with caked make-up. CL‘s hair needs to, well, her bangs look like they put engine grease on it.

Also, all those people were making an uproar about her carebear pants, yet its okay for her to be on all four and dance like that? People get your $h!t straight please. I remember having those boots, in both those colors, back in the days. Can we say hooker boots?

Never the less, I still like them and love this song.

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They were just waiting for it to happen

Remember this scandal? When the company was afraid of people doing something with his “giving the finger” to the camera. Which by the way I really doubt he was, and if he was, he needs to do it right.

Anyways, well thanks to them, someone did and well, we couldn’t help but put it up and share it with all of you. Quite frankly it’s pretty darn funny and I feel sorry for CL. If I were her, I’d demand an apology from Jiyong, because really, he walked in on this one and landed her in the middle of it. He has no one to blame but himself.

photos were sent anonymous

Oh yes and on top of that this, G-Dragon has been sponsored by Louis Vuitton to endorse shoes. LV is one of the most popular brand names around the world. Louis Vuitton has never sponsored anyone in Korea, so G-Dragon is the first celebrity to be endorsed. They have already given him a pair of shoes from Kanye West’s line. The only thing they want from GD is to wear it. The self-proclaimed ‘fashionista’ caught a big fish and gets to bathe in the luxery of sneakers that probably only took $30 to make but really cost $500.

g-dragon louis vuitton

He also twittered about it on his me2day:
g-dragon louis vuitton
Wore the new shoe and tried running around in it ^^ Ahh this is addictive much?
(cited from akp)

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GD is a ‘heartbreaker’


With his new album released, G-Dragon managed to steal 9 of top 10 spots on Korea’s top ranking charts. All but one song, “Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang)” ranked number 11. You’d think with Taeyang and it being called what it is, it would have ranked higher right? This new album has been the talk among fans everywhere, now will the sales be just as sweet as his smile?

g dragon top 10

Even though GD‘s managed to steal ten of the spots on the charts means nothing if sales are not as expected. Meaning, if they don’t outsell 2NE1‘s debut album, there is a problem. While many fans are encouraging others’ to purchase the album, how many of you actually did?

I said it before, all those accusations seem to have been a PR stunt set by the marketing department and/or GD himself. Don’t believe me? Look at the charts, he dominated the top 9 slots. Ever since he released the first 30 seconds of “HEARTBREAKER“, accusations have been said that GD plagerized Flo rida’s “Right Round“. Even though Warner Bros. dismissed it as plagerism, I do agree with them to a point. The fact that he used recycle beats is undeniable. Did he copy Flo rida? I don’t think so. I said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone uses recycled beats.

Truth be told I was a bit skeptical to listen to it when I got the cd. I actually waited to see what others would say, and it’s been nothing but praise so far. I finally listened to it and I actually like it.

HEARTBREAKER” is diverse in its sounds, a rarity for solo albums. It was this missing diversity which made Big Bang‘s Japanese album a disappointment (if GD did any co-producing in that album). “A boy” is a typical GD song to be honest, its a very cliché song. We’ve all heard the tiny preview of “HEARTBREAKER“, after finally listening to the whole song, well there’s not much to say other than it sounds like what you heard. You’ll like it though, it’s catchy and a club tune, same goes for the song “Breathe“.

Now the song “Butterfly” did surprise me. He went acoustic and pulled it off well. It isn’t something I would have expected from him, but I wouldn’t put it past him either. Think of Jason Mraz and you’ll get what I’m saying. If you don’t, then just know this: it’s a song that if he did it all in English, it would be playing on U.S. radio stations. Out of all the songs, this falls into the adult contemporary genre.

If anything that made me laugh was the song, “The Leaders” featuring none other than other YG leaders, Teddy (1Tyme) and CL(2NE1). Why did this song make me smile and laugh? Upon hearing the preview from Big Bang TV, it reminded me of Snoop and Pharrell‘s “Drop it like its hot“. Don’t get me wrong, it still does. Hearing it whole and finalized brings me back to the old school hip hop tunes. CL is hot in the track, sorry GD, you were afraid she was going to be better than you and unfortunately for you, she is. My only concern here is, if fans are going to be bumping this song in L.A., don’t. You might get laughed at or shot, just kidding. Think thug music and that describes “The Leaders“. Which is ironic because none of the leaders are thugs.

Remember when Big Bang went rock with “Friend” and “Dirty Cash“? Remember when they failed at them too? Fortunately for GD he did right by the song, “She’s Gone“. The song, like “Butterfly“, is different from the rest of the album, adding flavor and style. While GD may not have the best ‘grunge’ type vocals, his attempt is commendable and not horrible. You can understand what he saying, which is a lot more than those who are in grunge rock bands and you can’t understand a thing they’re saying.

Through the net, non Big Bang fans have taken a liking to this album as well. Which is a good thing, because it will open them up to listen to Big Bang. If you’re not familiar with G-Dragon‘s style, he is a very unique person, with a unique style and has flavor. Although his rapping still sounds the same in almost every song. What will you get in this album? You’ll get club/dance, pop, rock and acoustic in this album and they all fuse together like a Robek’s smoothie.

Three of eleven songs made this an ‘A’ album. While the other songs are typical GD and club type songs, the fact is he added flavor and did this album his way. It wasn’t made for him, he made it the way he wanted to. You can see his style is very diverse and is great at expressing himself through music.

It seems he made this album this way because he can’t fully express himself in Big Bang. Why? Because in Big Bang, he isn’t just writing for himself, he’s writing for 4 other people. When you have your own album, you have more freedom for creativity. While I wouldn’t call him a genius so much, he has major talent, a music prodigy.

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CL… where you hollarin’ from girl!?


So I can read Korean but I don’t understand it… so I have no idea where the girls of 2NE1 hail from… but I saw this on Perez’s blog and made me go “WTF!? NO WAY!


If anyone can verify this… please email us!! Cause that’d be pretty cool if she was and it would explain her English.

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