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w-inds. + Ne-Yo = The Truth


Earlier this month we shared the news of w-inds. finally releasing a new single “New World”/”The Truth~saigo no shinjutsu~.”

It has been announced that the special guest artist on the single will be American artist Ne-Yo. He will be a guest artist on the single “The Truth~saigo no shinjitsu.” The song will also be the ending theme song to the Japanese version of “House Season 2”.

Limited Edition A
1. New World *Imai’s version
2. The Truth~saigo no shinjutsu~
4. New World (Instrumental)
< DVD >
New World PV

w-inds. ne-yo
Limited Edition B
1. Truth~saigou no shinjutsu~ (with Ne-Yo)
2. New World
4. Truth~saigou no shinjutsu~ (Instrumental)
< DVD >
Truth~saigou no shinjutsu~ PV

Regular Edition
1. New World
2. Truth~saigou no shinjutsu~
extra: 1 of 4 stickers

source: vf

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Big Bang wants to hear your voice

big bang koe wo kiksasete

Big Bang is back with their third single, “Koe wo kisasete” (Let me hear your voice). The song will be the theme song to new drama “Ohitorisama” that stars Alisa Mizuki and Teppei Koike.

There will be three different versions, of course with different goodies.

This song is very J-Pop; very Christmas-like theme, literally. I do like this song though. TaeYang just has one of those voices that is so ‘easy listening’. Daesung and SeungRi also sound good, but TaeYang sounds the best in this song. GD and TOP sound like themselves. Really can’t say anything because they’re rapping is the i-sound-the-same-not-so-changing rap melody. And according to CDJ, Teddy is one of the composers of this song. Teddy is an awesome producer, no wonder I like this song.

I just wish they would come up with better covers to their albums and singles. Really, are we on a creativity block?

I’m excited are you?

Just a note… this hasn’t even been released and the Limited Edition with goods is sold out at CDJ. I’m sad I really wanted that one.

koe wo kikasete
Regular Edition [CD Only]
1048yen (taxin)
Pre-order: CDJ | Amazon Japan
Track list:
1 Koe wo kikasete
2 ORA Yeah!
3 Koe wo kikasete -Club Remix-

koe wo kikasete
Limited Edition A [CD+DVD]
1714yen (taxin)
Pre-order: CDJ | Amazon Japan
Track list:
1 Koe wo kikasete
2 ORA Yeah!
3 Koe wo kikasete -Acoustic Version-

koe wo kikasete
Limited Edition B [CD+DVD+Goods]
2190yen (taxin)
Pre-order: CDJ | Amazon Japan
Extra: Earphone cord holder (SOL version)
Track list:
1 Koe wo kikasete
2 ORA Yeah!
3 Koe wo kikasete -Acoustic Version-

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A special memorial for Jasmine You

Jasmine You

Earlier this year bassist Jasmine You passed away. Now several months later his band, Versailles, will hold a special event for him, “Versailles Presents Jasmine You – Memorial Ceremony-“. This special event will be held at SHIBUYA O-EAST on 1/4/2010.

Other guests to appear are Kaya and Matenrou Opera.

Tickets will officially be on sale to the public on 11/21, but members of Versailles official fanclub “NOBLE” will be able to purchase tickets through their mobile phones on 11/2.

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Yuu Shirota & D-Boys on their 1st nation-wide tour

The ‘ikemen’ of D-Boys will make their first nation-wide tour this coming winter, December 28. Shirota Yuu and D-Boys had an event together for the CD release of “Natsu doko 2009”. Junji Igarashi and 19 other members are alumni’s of this group including Shirota Yuu, where they all interacted with fans in various places.

During a summer event in Akihabara, about 10,000 fans came to the recording of “Natsu doko 2009”. They held a “Thank you show” called “Winter doko 2009”. It was an overwhelming power of midwinter ‘ikemen’.

With members of D-Boys in various dramas and having original radio shows, the tour is expected to draw out many fans.

Finally an update. I know we’ve been slow, but some of us have gotten wind of the nasty virus going around.

Some good news though or not, people will get to see Igarashi and Shirota get their groove on as they will dance on stage during the tour.

source: sanspo

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Get remixed by Ken Ishii

ken ishii

Ken Ishii who made his debut 15 years ago will release a best album and remix album.

KI15 – The Best of Ken Ishii” and “The Works + The Unreleased & Unexpected” are bot scheduled to drop 11/15.

His remix album will includes remixes by DJ KRUSH, KEN, Shing02, Derrick May, Boredoms, Denki Groove, etc. Expect to this be an awesome because they have some pretty sick remixers working on this.

Also included in the remix album is an unreleased track called “Overdriver feat. Shing02“, which Ken will remix himself.

ken ishii Best
KI15 – The Best of Ken Ishii
2310yen (tax in) / cat# IDCK-1005
01 Garden On The Palm
02 Pneuma
03 Extra
04 Overlap
05 Circular Motion
06 Echo Exit
07 Butter Bump
08 Fire In White (Nagano Olympic ’98)
09 Game Over (feat. Co-Fusion)
10 Iceblink
11 Awakening
12 Sunriser (feat. 7th Gate)
pre-order: cdj | amazon jp

ken ishii Works
The Works + The Unreleased & Unexpected
2310yen / cat# IDCK-1006
01 Rebore Vol.2 / Boredoms
02 Sametape? (Ken Ishii Remix) / Hiroshi Fujiwara
03 Vampirella (Ken Ishii Mix) / Subvoice
04 The Begining (Ken Ishii Remix) / Derrick May
05 Overdriver feat Shing02 (Unreleased) / Ken Ishii
06 Once In a Lifetime ( Unreleased) / Ken Ishii
07 Calme Ta Joie – (Ken Ishii Remix) / Clementine
08 DJ Krush Theme (Ken Ishii Remix) / DJ Krush
09 Come Out (Ken Ishii Remix) / Steve Reich
10 N.O.(Ken Ishii Remix) / Denki Groove
11 Good Life 99 (Ken Ishii Remix) / Inner City
pre-order: cdj | amazon jp

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Get free flights for life!

Just be pregnant, and deliver on airplane 2,000 feet in the air. Oh and make sure your on an airline that will give a rats arse about you too.

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – A baby boy who made a surprise arrival on board an AirAsia flight this week will be given free flights for life with the budget carrier, as will his mother, the airline said Friday.
AirAsia said 31-year-old passenger Liew Siaw Hsia went into labour on Wednesday’s flight from the northern island of Penang to Kuching on Borneo island.

The aircraft made an emergency diversion to the Malaysian capital but the baby arrived just before landing, delivered by a doctor who was on board and who was assisted by the airline’s flight attendants.
“The baby was safely delivered when flight AK 6506 was approaching Kuala Lumpur for landing at 2,000 feet,” the airline said in a statement, adding that mother and baby were taken to a nearby hospital following touchdown.

“To celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to present both mother and child with free flights for life,” said AirAsia’s director of operations Moses Devanayagam after visiting them in hospital.

That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Lucky they had a doctor on board too. Can you imagine someone delivering your baby and has only see what’s on TV (if their lucky).

Congratulations to mommy and child.

source: yahoo news

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