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Disney goes R&B

Get ready for some Disney songs, R&B style. Disney is releasing a new CD that will contain classic Disney tunes remade by some of your favorite Japanese pop artists. The album is called “Mellow Disney -R&B Revisited-” and is scheduled to drop 12/9.

Artists on this album include: Tohoshinki, May J., Daichi Miura, Thelma Aoyama and more.

Mellow Disney ~R&B Revisited~
Pre-order: Amazon Japan
Track list:

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Oricon Rankings

It’s release day and here are the Oricon Daily Rankings for the week of Wednesday, September 23, 2009.

1 Hideaki Takizawa – Hikari Hitotsu [Limited A | Limited BNormal]
2 Ikimonogakari – Yell/Joyful
3 Nightmare – Rem_ [Limited A | Limited B |  Normal]
4 B’z – Ichibuto zenbu
5 Every Little Thing – Dream Goes On [Limited | Normal]
6 Early Morning – Kamisama demo Erabenai
7 mihimaru GT – An Rock [Limited A| Limited BNormal]
8 Ken Hirai – Candy
9 TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET + HALICALI – Konya wa Boogie Back
10 Shibasaki Kou – Lover Soul [Limited | Normal]

1 AI – BEST A.I. [Limited A | Limited B | Normal]
2 Takeshi Tsuruno – Tsuruno Oto [Limited | Normal]
3 Superfly – Box Emotions [LimitedNormal]
4 Mai Kuraki – ALL MY BEST [Limited | Normal]
5 Arashi – All the BEST! 1999-2009 [LimitedNormal]
6 Ne-Yo – Ne-Yo: The Collection [LimitedNormal]
7 Kazuyoshi Saitou – Tsuki ga Noboreba [LimitedNormal]
8 m-flo – TRIBUTE ~maison de m-flo~
9 BENI – Bitter & Sweet [Limited | Normal]
10 LG Yankees – Made in LG Yankees

*All Limited Editions comes with a DVD.

1 Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009 [DVD | Blu-ray]
2 Omnibus – PERSONA MUSIC LIVE – Velvetroom in Akasaka Blitz- [Limited | Normal]
3 Mr. BIG – Back to Budokan [DVD | HQCD | Blu-ray]
4 Elephant Kashimashi – Sakura no Hana Maiagaru Budokan [Limited | Normal]
5 Motohiro Hata – Live at Budokan [Re-release]
6 Tohoshinki – All About Tohoshinki Season 3 [Preview Story book Limited (Import)]
7 Sendai Kamotsu – Live & Film Tour 2008 “Umanami de”
8 Michael Jackson – Live in Bucharest
9 Arashi – ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 IN TOKYO [Re-release]
10 Daichi Miura – Daichi Miura Live 2009 -Encore of Our Love-

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Talk about copy cats?

daichi miura keita tachibana

Oh Keita, first it was confirmed that you were a little player, and now you just confirmed for us you are copying your Korean friends a copy cat. First the G-Dragon hair color from a few months ago, then the Jaejoong hair color and cut from last month, back to the G-Dragon platinum blonde hair color and cut. Are we on a creativity block? Or are your stylists lacking, that you need my services again?

On another note, that photo above was taken today (JST) on Keita‘s radio show. Daichi Miura paid him a long awaited visit.

Keita wrote on his blog that it’s been a long time since he’s seen Daichi, especially since they belong to the same agency. He also says that Daichi is “Japan’s #1 artist,” “his performance level is that of a world pro,” “he’s a genius,” and  “he’s a great artist, I’m actually kind of jealous.” At the same time finds a way to promote Daichi’s upcoming album, Who’s The Man.  Keita did mention that he would love to perform with Daichi at least once.

Well Keita you’re love for everyone is awesome, especially since you are holding an American flag. So when are you gonna get w-inds. over here and perform for all you’re non-Asian fans?

鹿児島。keita w-inds.

This photo was taken last month at Kagoshima, with w-inds.‘ back dancers on Keita‘s day off. He looks buff doesn’t he? He actually makes some of those dancers look small.

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Who’s The Man??


Daichi Miura. The ex-vocalist of Folder 5, is releasing his 2nd solo album and we’re excited. His album drops 9/16, and with hot songs like “Delete my memories” and “Your Love feat. KREVA“, you can’t go wrong.

Daichi may not be “hot”, but when he moves and sings, he’s definitely hot stuff. He is probably one of the very few artists that came out from a not-so-hot idol group when he was younger, and made himself to an established artist.

Pre-order Daichi’s album: Limited Edition | Regular

The limited edition come with a DVD full of PVs.

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Daichi’s “Delete My Memories” is soo good.

So for those of you who didn’t see my original website @, this PV was up and I thought I’d share it again with those of you who find my blog by accident. Daichi Miura is Folder 5’s old vocalist. Although he doesn’t have those A-star looks, his talent is awesome! Just like Daesung! Just kidding! We know that Daesung can make your chonies drench.

And for those who want Daichi to make you all mushy, here’s a hot song by a not-so-hot guy with all the right moves.

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