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Did Namie Amuro plagiarize?

First it was G-Dragon who was under the scrutiny of Korean netizens, this time its Japanese artist Namie Amuro.

South Korean magazine has stated that Amuro’s cover for her upcoming album “PAST < FUTURE” is a copy and Japan’s netizens on 2ch are calling it an “international disgrace” and are saying that the cover should be changed immediately. Japan is very proud of its top stars so for a Korean fashion magazine to publish this is a disgrace, especially since South Korea has been ‘plagiarizing’ (so to speak) Japan (i.e. the TV/variety shows) earlier this year.

Amuro who will release her new album “PAST < FUTURE” after 2-years has gained popularity all over Asia. She is a Oricon Chart topper and is voted as ‘most liked celebrity’ and ‘nicest female artist and lifestyle’ (ok its something along those lines, not exactly).

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ONE OK ROCK has a complete sense of dreaming

Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK will release a new single “Kansen kankaku Dreamer” next year on 2010.02.03. It’s been two years since the band released anything since the incident that happened with guitarist Alex.

In April of this year, Alex withdrew from the band halting their activities. Then in September the band decided to do a 2009 tour called “ONE OK ROCK 2009 “Overcome Emotion” TOUR” with 22 stops around the country. The tour ended on 11/26 at Zepp Tokyo where they performed their upcoming single “Kansen kankaku Dreamer.”

The single will have three songs, Kansen Kankaku Dreamer, Hitorigoto Lonelier and Ring Wandering. First press of the single will include a DVD from the 9/5 show at Shinjuku LOFT.

ONE OK ROCK will also be touring next year in June and July 2010 with stops in Sendai, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kyoto all at Zepp and the final 2-days at Zepp Tokyo.

source: natalie

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No Sleeves celebrates their 1 year anniversary

AKB48’s Haruna Kojima, Minami Takahashi and Minami Minegishi celebrated the release of their third single called “Kiss no Ryuusei.” The three members are apart of AKB48 and like Hello! Project formed a seperate 3-man unit called No Sleeves.

The event was also to celebrate the groups one year anniversary as the single will be released the day the group actually debuted one year ago. The event “Handshake and falled star!?” was held on 11/27 at Tokyo Dome’s La Qua Gardens, in which 4000 fans came and adorned the girls with much love. To help celebrate with them comedian duo Bad Boys came out to MC the event.

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Experience Big Bang right before Christmas!

Korean group Big Bang will be having another release in Japan this coming Winter. This time a video clip collection. The DVD, Big Bang The Clips vol.1, will be released on 12/23 just in time for Christmas.

The DVD is a collection of all their music videos including both Japanese and Korean music videos.

Big Bang The Clips vol.1
3990yen (Tax incl.) / $43.58 USD
Pre-order: CDJ
Track list:
2. Garagara GO!!
3. Koe wo Kikasete
4. Baby Baby
5. Together Forever
6. Lies
7. Dirty Cash
8. We Belong Together
9. HaruHaru
10. Always

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Big Bang and the Gold Artist Award

Big Bang performed the Best Hit Song Awards 2009 show and won the Gold Artist Award. ¬†They only performed “GARA GARA GO!!” To be honest I’m kind of sad they performed this song because I think “Koe wo kikasete” is a much better song.

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Shaun Evaristo on Pacific Rim Video

Choreographer Shaun Evaristo was interviewed by Pacific Rim Video for Alexis Avila and Sheroes’ Dancing For Cause Work shop to benefit Gawad Kalinga of The Philippines. The workshop was on Friday 11/20 at Team Millenia’s The Bridge Studio in Fullerton, CA.

If you’re not familiar with Team Millenia, you may remember them from ABDC and every summer they have their Summer Intensive workshop. You all should be familiar with Shaun, especially since he choreographs for YG Entertainment artists.

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