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AKB48 at MAMA 2009!

The girls of AKB48 have done it again and this time they are invading MAMA (MNET Asia Music Awards) in Seoul. They won some type of award, I would tell you what that award is, but I can’t read Korean well. I bet it was probably along the lines of ‘Best female group from Japan‘ or something. They won the “Asian Recommend” award.

Anyways, its good to see that the group is prospering. Although the Korean groups they show in the video look like they are at a total loss as to why there are 12 girls on stage, I think some of them actually enjoyed them. They should be happy not all the girls were there. Then they’d just be baffled. The song they sang was “River.”

Notice how they panned in and out to the Korean artists. Taecyeon of group 2PM was seen counting how many girls on stage. While some say that, we say this. Taecyeon was actually pointing out to a fellow member of 2PM, which ones he liked and wanted to do. But then he got caught and stopped. I’m sure Taecyeon went home, looked up the group and found out he has more of selection. Well hopefully it leads to 2PM going to Japan and then you find out Taecyeon hooked up with a member or two… or three… or if luck would have it four. Just kidding.

Also, I just realized (more like found out) why AKB48’s promotions in US went so well and why they are at MAMA… they’re company is managed by a Korean. It explains the “Korean playbook”.

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Jay safe at home


Jay arrived safely yesterday in his home in Seattle. A hottest spotted him at SEATAC and reported her encounter on 2ch:

jay park-2ch

“We saw him at SEATAC, he broke into tears when he saw his mother.
It was heartbreaking, she cradled his face and wiped his tears.

When he was by the baggage claim, he kept saying how sorry he was to his parents. It was just heart wrenching.

One of the girls who was with us, got the picture of his mom wiping his tears. It was just so full of emotion, I didn’t have the heart to even approach him and break up the family moment.”

jay park -2ch

Another poster said she recieved this from her friend:

“dear everyone. jay came home safely.
he’s actually napping behind me. i’ve received countless emails concerning this situation.
the honest truth is, even though you all support and love him, the situation doesn’t allow it. please respect both his and jyp’s decision.
let him have a good rest while he’s in the states. and if the circumstances allow for him to return, be supportive then.
again, thank you for the emails but he needs time and so does everyone else. thank you everyone!

p.s. i don’t think you’re weird or a stalker for sending those emails. it’s very heart warming and touching that so many people love jay. thank you.”

I don’t know who posted these, but as for the second poster, I’m just the messenger. I don’t know how close or what type of relationship that person has with Jay, but at least it’s a nice message.

Other netizens on 2ch have expressed their concerns, concerning Korean fans, saying, “Is it because of the netizens again?”, “It’s a scary country”, and “Didn’t someone commit suicide before (because of netizens)?”* (cited from akp)

I’ve been reading posts from other fans on 2ch have expressed that they hate Korean fans. One even wrote, “2PM will always be a 7 member group and it will never change.”

While I can say I have seen first hand yarakashi and okiri fans, I do say I stand with the Japanese fans on this one. As much as yarakashi and okiri fans scare the living daylights out of me, none of the Johnny’s boys have ever resigned from status. They may have been on suspension, but for good reason.

I mean we all remember the incident with Yamapi a couple of years ago, when he went to visit Korea with some friends? The yarakashi over there did way more damage to him than any other yarakashi in Japan. So much Yamapi’s bag was stolen, his clothes were torn, I mean really, Korean fans are probably the scariest things on earth.

I’m seeing DBSK not breaking up because of the reaction their yarakashi might have. They may not even go back to Korea if they could help it.

I really hope that netizen’s will learn from this, and this is the price these people pay. They pretty much ruined him, in short, and there was no reason for it.

The first poster also included a video she took at SEATAC when she saw Jay leave with his family. Kudos to deedeethao.

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Really upset at the netizens

I’ll be the first to say and admit, I was never a 2PM fan. I will say this though, I am really disappointed and upset at the online community, whether it be fans and anti’s alike. With good reason too.

Look at what the fandom and online communities have done. They took one thing and has forced Jaebeom to resign, thinking it was probably in the best interest of the group and the company. Although part of me does think it is a ploy set by the management to gain sympathy and Jaebeom will be back soon. The fact that he took it upon himself to leave, you know as well as I do that 99.9% of the blame lies within the netizens.

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Dear Jae and JYPE

Enough is enough:

jaebeom 2PM


Its JYP entertainment

First of all, we’d like to apologize to those who are disappointed and have felt a sense of betrayal for our involved singer, Jaebeom and his MySpace posts.

We have talked with Jaebeom for a long time after the news started this morning on September 5th.

Of course, we have been talking with him since he was a trainee but today we put everything out on the table. After that we’re sure he didn’t mean to humble Korea and Koreans. We felt that he just resented his circumstances and the things around him, causing him to give in, in such a foolish way.

We’d never help and support a singer who still has the mind that causes people disappointed and feeling betrayed. However, Jaebeom himself fully reflects on his conduct that was done during his childhood, so we decided to give him a second chance.

Fans and all of others, please generously watch young Jaebeom repent his childish faults and grow to a better singer.

We are terribly sorry; we should have been a model and protector to our many young trainees. From now on, we will really try to raise them up from trainees to stars with more practical and stronger systems so that they will not disappoint anybody.

Once again, we apologize to all of you with a low reverence.

All staffs in JYP entertainment

Okay really, is this necessary? I’m not seeing why JYPE and Jaebeom both had to apologize, it’s ridiculous. All those fans and antis need to realize that these people are human, they make mistakes. Let’s not forget that he made those statements four years ago. Let’s repeat that, four years ago.

He was in a country without his family and friends, and let’s be honest, Korean’s are known for not accepting foreigners off the back. I’ve heard stories from people who teach English there and always say that “they give me dirty looks.” It’s not till way later on, that they have friends and are not ‘out casted’.

Also, fans want him kicked out? I’m not a fan of 2PM, but man, are you guys ruthless. Are these people in the industry not allowed to have faults? Do you think they are so perfect that they are not human?

Jaebeom, I’m not your fan, but we feel you over here and you don’t deserve to be put on leave. You made an honest mistake that everyone your age made at one time or another.

JYPE, its good you’re not going to kick him out, because if you did, I’d have a major issue with you and re-evaluate my opinion on the way you manage.

Fans and antis, get a life. If you have enough time to dig up things from years ago and cause a major ruckus, you need to divert your energies else where. If you think you can do better then people in Jaebeom’s position, then by all means, audition and show us up. If not, get a life, get a job, go to school or better yet, find someone to distract you.

source: omgkpop

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Incheon Music Festival 2009

incheon music festival

SM TOWN isn’t the only big thing not happening. Get ready for the Incheon Music Festival on 8/22. Check out the artist line-up: Rain, Super Junior, F.T. Island, SS501, M, MC Mong, 2PM, Girl’s Generation, Chae Yeon, KARA, Lee Jung Hyun and other artists.

I want to go to this, if I was in Korea, I would so go! I think everyone’s fine except the SM artists. Maybe because SM Town’s concert’s is on hold they needed to put them to work on something else??

source: hanryu concert

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2009 Dream Concert


Who: DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, 2PM, Wonder Girls, and other artists (TBA)
When: 2009.10.10 / OPEN 3:00-5:30 / START 6:30-9:50PM
Where: Seoul Sunam World Cup Stadium
Inquiries: k-plaza

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