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Nihon TV’s ‘Best Artist 2010’

It’s winter and that means Christmas time~

Since I haven’t updated in a long time, I’ll update with videos of yesterday (12/15 JST) performances from Japan TV’s “Best Artist 2010”.

This post will continually be updated with the performances.

Here’s a list of the artists: AKB48, Arasi, EXILE, Hey! Say! JUMP, Fukuyama Masaharu, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, Hamasaki Ayumi, Hirai Ken, Ikimonogakari, KAT-TUN, Kobukuro, Koda Kumi, NEWS, Nishino Kana, Perfume, Tackey & Tsubasa, TOKIO, and Yuzu.


Koda Kumi


Hey! Say! JUMP

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Jin & You

In L.A. in June.

Just to let you all know… the concert sold out in about 1-2 hours. Maybe you’ll find some on ebay.. or most of you probably know Jin himself, so just ask him.

All songs will be in English. Hopefully all the fans can understand it.

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Shingo Murakami’s one man show

Shingo Murakami (28) of Kanjani8 will perform a one-man live on next month on 3/3 titled “If or… II F~M.” The show will be a pantomime short story and drama; at Tokyo Shakesphere’s Globe and Hyakunin-cho.

source: sanspo

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Yamapi & Toma Ikuta in a new unit!?

Tomohisa Yamashita and best friend Toma Ikuta may be forming a new unit called “Iku & Pi” a.k.a. “the ikemen unit.” Well at least just for one night.

Yamapi who just finished his first solo concert at Yokohama Arena, had one his best friends make a special guest appearance during the second half of the show and they instantly formed “the ikemen unit.”

Both of them joined Johnny’s Entertainment in 1996 and became really close friends. So when it was decided that Yamapi was to have his first solo concert, he immediately called Toma and asked him to make an appearance.

It’s like a dream come true to have both of us on the same stage,” Yamapi stated, and with a happy smile, “It was like going back to our JR. days.

The last time they were both on stage was seven years ago when both Yamapi and Toma were part of Johnny’s Jr.

source: sanspo

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The most anticipated drama songs of 2009

Tsutaya online has released another poll, “What 2009 drama theme song are you looking forward to?

Here are the results:

10 Lecca – My measure (Gine Sanfujinka no onnatachi)
09 MISIA – Aitakuteima (JIN)
08 Misako Sakazume – Kitto Daijobu (Real Crows)
07 UVERworld – Kanashimi wa kitto (Shokoshijo Sarah)
06 TOKIO – Asa ga mata kuru (ROMES Kuukou bougyou system)
05 Arashi – Tokei jikake no umbrella (0 goushi no kyaku)
04 GIRL NEXT DOOR – Orion (Untouchables)
03 Arashi – My Girl (My Girl)
02 EXILE – Futasu no kuchibiru (Tokyo DOGS)

and #1 goes to….

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What’s your wedding song?

Tsutaya surveyed the question: What song would you want for your wedding?

Pretty cool question as there are tons of songs to choose from, especially in Japan since they all sing about love anyways.

1 DEEN – Celebrate
2 Arashi – One Love
3 KinKi Kids – Ai no katamari
4 DEEN – Dear Friend
5 Namie Amuro – CAN YOU CELEBRATE?
6 DEEN – Kono mama kimi dake wo ubaisaritai
8 Itsuka
9 Koichi Domoto – Ai no jyuujika
10 Kyosuke Himuro – Diamond Dust

Honestly, I thought Amuro would have topped this one with “CAN YOU CELEBRATE?,” that song was number one for over a year in Japan in 1997. But it is one of those “love it or hate it” songs. I know my siblings can’t stand that. I really don’t know about number eight since there was no artist attached to that title. I am surprised that DEEN took the win for having three of their songs on this list. The last DEEN song I remember is from 1995 when they did the theme song to Dragon Ball Z.

For my wedding song I’d want my soon-to-be spouse to write it and sing it, if he can sing. If he can’t he better hire someone who can.

What would be your wedding song?

source: tsutaya

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