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Dear G-Dragon, you are so smart!


Oh G-Dragon, you are like TMZ Korea, just solo. You stir up so much crap, that I know you do it on purpose because bad publicity is better than no publicity. GD is a prodigy, got to give him that.

What’s the new ‘accusation’ this time? Well SNSD fans claim that GD ripped off SNSD’s song “Gee” in his song “The Leaders”. The part of “GGGG G baby baby GD GD baby baby”, is said to sound exactly like “Gee Gee Gee baby baby Gee Gee Gee baby baby”.

You know what? It does, and? You netizen’s, anti’s and fangirls need to give it a rest already. It’s called “he pulled an Eminem”.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe he did it that way on purpose to get a rise out of people because maybe he is making fun of SNSD? Or he actually likes the song and is paying tribute, but I doubt it. Or maybe he went out with one of the SNSD girl’s and is talking about her in the song? I’ll go with the better latter of the evils, its more fun that way.

We forgot to mention this earlier, but happy outing of the hospital Daesung. Wish you a speedy recovery.

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He’s out!


In two days that is. Daesung will be out of the hospital on 8/29.

YG said, “The operation was a success. There shouldn’t be a huge issue with Daesung being discharged, as long as he doesn’t move his back.”

Well thank god! Obvisously this means that his injuries weren’t that serious. No offense, but if he can be discharged this early, his injuries were really minor compared to his coordinators.

We wish you a speedy recovery Daesung, we don’t want to see Seungri on Family Outing or anyone else but you.

Notice how, whenever there is a post about a Big Bang member, Seungri is always mentioned. Just like TOP said in Come to Play, “We were on for 30 min, and 1/3 of the time was us talking about Seungri.” What a sad web we weave TOP!

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Big Bang minus One


You knew it was bound to happen, Seungri is just so good, with Daesung out of commision for 8 weeks, he’s taking over his spot too in the group. Just think this is what Big Bang is going to look like from now on without the happy-go-lucky mood setter. No offense to the rest of the members, but unless TOP decides to show that joker side of his 24/7, Big Bang without Daesung is like Grey Goose and cranberry without the Goose, and you know that just ain’t right.

big bang minus 1

After a long 2-month absence from Korea and losing a member, Big Bang will be back on stage in front of 400 lucky fans. The group will be performing at Seoul’s HongDae SangSang MaDang’s Live Hall on 8/24. How did they chose those 400 lucky fans? Through a random computerized selection at Cafe Lotte.

Although I would really laugh if some of them weren’t fans at all and just sold the tickets or something.

By the way, if you didn’t know, I was just kidding.

Daesung is just in recovery, so obviously he can’t join the others for this ‘come back stage’. Even though it’s really not; but doesn’t it look lonely without Daesung?

Also, for those of you who think that Seungri is useless and contributes nothing to the group. Think again, he contributes a lot to the group. Why, if he wasn’t in the group, would we be able to make posts like this? I think not.

Thank you Seungri, we love you.

source: omgkpop

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It’s all ABOUT ME!

daesung seungri

What did I say before when it was reported that Daesung got into an accident?

That Seungri will replacing Daesung this month on Family Outing. Okay, well not that, but that Seungri would be stealing the spolight from Daesung. The filming will be in Kangwon-Do in an undisclosed location.

Seungri will fill in for Daesung as a fellow Big Bang member,” said Family Outing‘s Jang Hyuk Jae PD, on a telephone inteview with Money Today Star News. “He will record one episode for now (two episodes’ worth on TV). After that we will see how Daesung is doing and make further decisions later.

Jang PD also said “The cast and crew are all worrying [about Daesung] and we hope he recovers and reunites with the ‘Family’ soon.

Not only is Seungri taking the spotlight in SHOUTING, he’s got Family Outing too.

Seungri, I like you, but man do some people wish it was you instead of Daesung in that accident.

It should have been Seungri, not Daesung“, and now I’m beginning to understand why she said that; as sad as that sounds.

Just to let you guys know, I did not say that, someone else did. I happen to like all the members of Big Bang and don’t wish anything like that on anyone.

You also know you can imagine Seungri thinking that (see above photo), cause I sure can.

source: daum
translation: filmsession@BigBangSoompiMusicThread

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No more Big Bang…

big bang

…in Japan that is.

With Daesung undergoing surgery today (8/19 in Korea), it will be at least 2 months for a recovery. Which gives Seungri time to steal the spotlight in the SHOUTING.  This also means that Big Bang setting the record for the first Korean artist to set foot in Nippon Budokan after four months is now a dream.  Management thought the 4 weeks would give Daesung time to recover and be back on stage in time for the Japan tour. The tour is postponed until January 2010. The dates are yet to be announced, but it has been said that they will begin sometime in January.

Since Daesung will be in recovery for 8 weeks, Big Bang‘s schedule will now be all on hold giving the guys time for themselves and whatever else they have lined up.

I like Daesung, I hope they don’t give him a new nose in the process of the operation. You never know what they could be thinking. “Well he’s in surgery anyways, might as well give him a new nose while we’re at it.” I can really hear management saying that.

Daesung have a speedy recovery and come back! You’re smiling face is going to be missed for a whole 2 months.

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[UPDATE] Daesung in an accident but is OK!


Big Bang member
Daesung was reported to be in a car accident today (yesterday in Korea 8/11) on his way back from filming “Family Outing”. Apprently it has been raining really bad in the area of filming and the car skid off the road. Daesung, his manager and coordinator (stylist?) were all in the car. Daesung and his manger have minor injuries, but the coordinator has suffered internal bleeding and underwent surgery that same night. She (coordinator) will be sent to Seoul afterwards.

Daesung suffered a broken nose, a spinal injury and some scratches to his face. His manager also received minor injuries on his hands and legs and both of them will recieve treatment back in Seoul.

“Big Bang’s Daesung has suffered a nose fracture and this was the same part that he had injured when he was little. There’s also some alignment problem with Daesung’s spinal cord although that will clear up by itself in about 4 weeks time. Other that that, Daesung also suffered superficial injuries on his face and arms. His arm which was reported to be injured earlier on, was a non-issue after check-up”, stated by YG Entertainment. “Daesung was on his way back home from the site of the filming location of Family Outing at around 4. While cruising along the highway near Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi province, there was a lot of water accumulated on the road because of heavy rain, which caused the vehicle to skid and crash onto the divider. Daesung was sitting beside the driver (his manager), while his coordinator sat behind.”*

Daesung will be on recovery for the next 4-6 weeks and will miss out on the musical, “Shouting” from 8/12-8/23.

Well my question: Why did the coordinator have the severest injuries?

Has been answered.

I wish them all a speedy recovery, especially his coordinator, since she suffered the most injuries. I think this is a blessing in deguise too. They have been working non-stop since their debut in Japan and to top it off they are joining the music festival, G-Dragon and TaeYang have their solo album’s coming up. They need the rest, especially Daesung, since he also does filming for Family Outing.

*cited from allkpop

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