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[JPop/KPop] Asia Song Festival 2009

With the passing of the Asia Song Festival, photo’s and videos (including fancams) have popped up. And since none of us were there, here’s a peek at what we all missed.

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JPop & KPop Secrets

So we found some funny, yet true fan secrets of JPop and KPop and thought we’d share with you all. Why? Because we either fully or partially agree with these. Plus they’re funny. Enjoy.

Note: We DID NOT do these, these were posted on the J-Rock and K-Pop Secret communites on LJ.

I still can’t get over TOP and the Jimmy Fallon. That is just too classic for words. And that last one of the J-Rock musicians, really? None of my guy friends, even the Japanese musicians do that with their friends. Fail.

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Asia Song Festival 2009 conference

And what a conference it was. Artists from all over Asia performed in South Korea for the festival. Amongst the artists in at the conference, no one had a miscommunication problem.

Gackt suprised us with his Korean, because really, he didn’t fail like Big Bang did in Japanese. SNSD showed off their fluency in English, Mandarin and Japanese. We already know 2NE1 speaks about 6 languages so there’s no need to be surprised about them.

Now they need to move their butts and have that festival here in L.A. so we can see all them perform too.

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The truth about Big Bang and G-Dragon’s debuts’

big bang

Just a few more days and you all can get your Big Bang and G-Dragon fix. Both of them will be dropping their debut albums this week (Big Bang for their Japanese debut and GD for his solo debut).

While we all heard GD‘s sneak peek’s he’s been dropping, previews of Big Bang‘s album has hit the net already. While I’m not prone to them in Japan, whatever floats their boat. Honestly, they just need to release a whole English album and just have it release state side. They’re English isn’t horrible and I can already see them on BET. Yes, you read that right, BET, because you know, BET is probably the best place for them. Maybe MTV, but let’s be honest, BET’s audience is Big Bang’s style.

Now for the reality check, the harsh, yet truth about their albums, as said by me. Take the album review with a grain of salt, because everyone has their own opinons.

Big Bang‘s titled, “Bringing you Love.”, but really, I’m not feeling the love. Three of the eleven tracks are Japanese remakes of their Korean songs and the rest of the songs just are not up to par. I like dance tracks, but they also sound like recycled beats from their Korean dance songs. Why couldn’t they stay Hip Hop/R&B? I feel like they’ve degraded somehow. This is why I say they should have stayed in Korea and not gone to Japan. I realize YG is trying to make more money, but really, they couldn’t get any better songs? This album sounds rushed and slapped together. Much like SNSD‘s 2nd mini album that was released back in June. It’s more of quantity over quality, because they know fans will buy it either way. Even though I bought it (for support), at least I didn’t want to return it like I did with w-inds.s’ “Single Mega Mix” that came out a couple of years ago.  That was just a pure waste of money and till this day, I still want my money back for that cd. After listening to it, the only one I like so far is, Stay.  Also looking at the track list, it seems like their mini indie albums they released last year are better than this Japanese debut album. Sorry Big Bang, I love you and all, but I think you need better producers or GD you need to step it up. I know your busy and all with your solo, but seriously, your solo could wait, the group can’t.

As for Jiyong’s debut solo album, HEARTBREAKER, hearing some of the previews he’s released, I don’t know if I’m looking forward to this cd. I like Jiyong, but his style is the same and he’s not even original anymore. His rap and flow just aren’t that diverse. At least T.O.P can change it up, even if it’s a tiny bit, at least it’s a change. The music he produces, sounds the same in almost every song. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Lies”, “Haru Haru” and “Heaven”. They all sound the same. Even “We belong together”, “This Love”, “Forever With You”, etc. I could name a few more but really that’s all I can list and you all get my point. Also, no matter what you biased fangirls’ say, some of his music on there are borrowed beats. I won’t go as far as to say that he plagerized, but if you can’t even hear the similarities then you need to clean your ears more throughly. If you think he can drop it like its hot, that’s fine.  From a person who loves music and has awesome musicality, he did recycle beats. Get over it.

I say all this with love.

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YG join’s the band wagon

asia song festival

It’s been announced that Big Bang and 2NE1 will join the Asia Song Festival 2009 on 9/19 at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul.  They will join other artists from all over Asia, including Gackt and mihimaru GT from Japan, Chris Lee from China, Show Luo (Taiwan), Ekin Cheng (HK), K-OTIC (Thailand), Ho Ngoc Ha (Vietnam), Agnes Monica (Indonesia) and Ruslana from Ukraine.  Joining Big Bang and 2NE1 from Korea are Girl’s Generation and Super Junior.

Asia Song Festival 2009

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Other agencies’ exclusivity contracts


Because of the whole situation with DBSK, some news sites have gone and done their own investigative reporting to see how well the other top acts fared in their exclusivity contracts.

SM Ent : 6-13 years
JYP : 7 years
YG : 5 years
DSP : 5-7 years


Yoona of SNSD is the only one of the 9 girls who is contracted at 13 years. The reason: she’s been taking acting lessons since she was a child and has shown she can multi-task. “In YoonA’s case it’s due to the fact that she is not contracted as just a singer but as an actress as well.” said a SM representative.

SS501 is contracted for 5 years where as, KARA, is contracted for 7 years.  The reason? Girls are easier to market than males. Although an industry expert says, “Though top groups like TVXQ are omitted from this format, but typically girl groups that have the possibility of venturing into commercials, acting, and modeling tend to have contracts written out that are slightly longer than their male counter parts. It seems the younger they are the better that chances this will happen.”


In my opinion, girls are just easier to market. If a female fails at selling records, they can easily put out a photobook, model, act in CM/dramas, etc. It’s easier to sell the female face and body than a male’s. It’s a proven fact in Japan and I’m sure it’s proven in Korea and Taiwan.

Some may say 13 years is a long time, while it is, if they start off young, they’re usually out of it in their early 20’s or so.  But if you entered in your teens, I can see where it sounded good “at the time”, but to be done with it in your mid 20’s just sounds like jail.

source: NOWNews

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