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Congratualtions Anna!!


Congratulations are in order for Anna Tsuchiya.

She announced on her blog today that she is three months pregnant. The babies daddy? Why none of other than her stylist, Yamato.

Anna explains on her blog that her, Sky (her five year old son), Yamato and the baby will be happy (get along is what she used) together.

She also says that she will still be doing some lives and to expect some ‘twin’ vocals. That it will “be powerful” and get “everyone hyped up.” But to excuse her ‘chubbiness’.

Congratulations again Anna! And girl, you chubby? I don’t think its possible for you to be.

If your not familiar with Anna, go read one an interview and article one of our own writers wrote!

Anna Tsuchiya: Seducing the world, one song at a time

source: anna’s blog

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V-Rock Fest. = The best reunion

la'cryma christi

If asked three years ago if I’d expect La’cryma Christi to make a comeback, I would have said, “Hell no!

Well I was wrong; apparently the band will be reuniting for the V-Rock Festival on 10/24. Now that doesn’t mean they will continue activities. The reunion is only for the V-Rock Festival, depending on the fans reactions will determine whether or not they will continue after the event.

What is the V-Rock Festival? It’s a visual kei event sponsored by Sports Nippon. It is a two day event which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

Honestly with a line-up like this, I’m tempted to go just for the two days to see half of these bands. I honestly didn’t know that half of them were still around either.

If you want to go, you can get tickets via their website. They have an international page for people who don’t read Japanese. (V-Rock Festival)

The line up:
10.24 – Saturday
abingdon boys school
alice nine
ali project
Doremi Dan
La’cryma Christi
Marilyn Manson
Moi dix Mois
Ninja Man Japan
Plastic Tree
Tune Factory (SHOXX band)

10.25 – Sunday
Duel Jewel
exist trace
The GazettE
Toshihiko Takamizawa (w/ band members: gt. Rook Takamura/ANCHANG/KOJI)
Anna Tsuchiya
The Underneath
[_Vani; lla]

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Whose your tanned vice?

Get your tan on because Oricon came out with the “tanned beauties” ranking and the results are in:

1 Miwa Asao
2 Namie Amuro
3 Rikako Murakami
4 Anna Tsuchiya
5 Meisa Kuroki
6 Masako Natsume
7 Kumi Koda
8 Yukina Kinoshita
9 Chinatsu Wakatsuki
10 Kimiko Date

The rank was done in lieu of “who has garnished attention through their tan”.

Well first off, I only recognize Namie, Anna, Meisa and Kuuchan. Namie I understand, she’s just naturally that dark, but Anna and Koda Kumi? I mean really, if they are considered “tanned” then what is their definition of being “white”? Anna is anything but tanned, really she is.

I think Oricon was grasping at straws with this one, because whoever came up with this idea, obviously did not think it through.

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Anna “damns” heaven


Singer, model and actress, Anna Tsuchiya will participate in a movie event “Sonna kare nara sutechaeba?” on 8/1. Anna, who is a single mom like recently deceased Kaori Kawamura, had a thought for Kaori’s only daughter, “Damn heaven” (in short).

Honestly I just wanted to brief with what Anna said, because I couldn’t find a way to translate “tengoku de chikusho”. Lately she hasn’t been doing much, but I hope she decides to perform in LA again. She is awesome live.

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Get ready for some MAQUillAGE!


Models: Yuri Ebihara, Karina and Anna Tsuchiya are the spokesmodel’s for Shiseido’s new line of cosmetics “MAQUillAGE“. They all appeared at Space Shiodome FS Hall on 7/16 for the Shiseido commerical and product launch ceremony. The commercial is set to air on 7/18.

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