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Hiroki Nakadoi to take Lead in drama

They are conquering the drama world by storm.

This time Lead leader, Hiroki Nakadoi, has been chosen to play ace gymnast in a new drama, Tumbling. The drama starts in April on TBS.

The drama is a comedy about a boys gymnastics team. Also starring is Yusuke Yamamoto, Kouji Seto, Shouhei Miura, Takahiro Nishijima (AAA), Azusa Okamoto and introducing a new face, Rei Okamoto.

Hiroki was chosen for the role because in every drama that he has appeared in he has played a high school student.

Although I don’t have a lot of experience in doing dramas and I am really nervous about this one, I am thankful for this role that will let me use my athletic ability. I’ll give this my all,” said Hiroki with a lot of enthusiasm.

Lead will also be having their fan club event this summer, Leaders Party 7, starting 3/27.

If you didn’t know Hiroki is also a B-boy, so doing all those gymnastic moves should be easy. I’m happy that they chose him to play a lead role.

Lead Upturn 2009 Dance cut

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The most anticipated drama songs of 2009

Tsutaya online has released another poll, “What 2009 drama theme song are you looking forward to?

Here are the results:

10 Lecca – My measure (Gine Sanfujinka no onnatachi)
09 MISIA – Aitakuteima (JIN)
08 Misako Sakazume – Kitto Daijobu (Real Crows)
07 UVERworld – Kanashimi wa kitto (Shokoshijo Sarah)
06 TOKIO – Asa ga mata kuru (ROMES Kuukou bougyou system)
05 Arashi – Tokei jikake no umbrella (0 goushi no kyaku)
04 GIRL NEXT DOOR – Orion (Untouchables)
03 Arashi – My Girl (My Girl)
02 EXILE – Futasu no kuchibiru (Tokyo DOGS)

and #1 goes to….

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Keita Tachibana and Koike Teppei attend drama event


The cast of new TBS drama “Ohitorisama” was held today (10/13).

The story is about a 33-year old teacher (Arisa Mizuki) who falls for her junior of 10 years (Koike Teppei). It’s a romantic comedy.

Arisa Mizuki and Koike Teppei are both excited for this drama, as it’s been a while since a romantic comedy like this has been aired.

Mizuki stated with a smile that, “there are a lot of dramas out there where it’s about children and housewives, so doing this kind of drama is quite refreshing.”

Also at the event was Keita Tachibana (w-inds.), who will also be starring in the drama as Teppei’s best friend.


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Shota Yasuda contracts Influenza A

yasuda shota

Kanjani∞ member, Shota Yasuda (24) has contracted the influenza A strain. Three days earlier (9/1), Kanjani∞ finished a show in Nagoya which was being filmed for DVD. Upon arriving back in Tokyo his temperature rose to 37°C and results from the strain tested positive. Today Yasuda is resting in his home and his temperature has dropped to 34°C.

Yasuda is currently filming the NHK drama, ROMES, that is scheduled to air on 10/15. Today (JST) is the fifth day of filming and because he can not participate in the shooting, the filming has been cancelled.

Fellow member Ryo Nishikido, along with other Johnny’s member Tomohisa Yamashita also contracted the virus in late August.

This adds to the growing number of people in Japan who have contracted this virus. There have been other celebrities who are infected, but there are many other non-celebrities who have been infected and died from the strain.

If you have the virus you need to keep away from everyone. That means do not go to work, and if your work has to halt production and/or they film the scenes without you in it, then that’s what should be done. You should not be made to go to work. This could have been prevented if Ryo just stayed home.

Now if Seira Kagami, who is rumored to be seeing Yamapi, gets the virus then that should ‘confirm’ and ‘clear’ any rumors. But then again, it could all be just one big coincidence.

What is the best way for this virus not to spread? Sit your butt home until it’s gone. Why ruin it for the rest of the country?

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Mao Inoue is coming to the U.S.

inoue mao

Not for leisure, but for work.

The Hana Yori Dango star will be in New Jersey filming her upcoming drama, My Darling is a Foreigner aka Darling wa Gaikokujin, on October 1~2.

They will be shooting the film at the Presbyterian Church, Mindowaskin and at E. Dudley house.

The Town Council approved the filming permit allowing them to shoot whatever scenes needed. Two of the four days spent in the U.S. will be used filming on the Presbyterian lawn in Westfield.

Film supervisor Takuma Hayashi reveals that he sought out recommendations from the state film commission. He also said, “This town was the first proposed by the New Jersey Film Commission because we were looking for a beautiful church.

Although council members have their concerns about the filming, let’s hope all goes well. Some raised concerns are the timing of the film. It will be shot from 2PM to 7PM, a time of day that become hectic because it is the usual time that children are released from school. While Councilman Sal Caruana has suggested that they try to change the times, we’ll see what happens.

Another concern was the state of the park and church. Hayashi informed the councilmen that they will restore everything to its natural state once filming is done. Everything will be parked at the Presbyterian Church to ensure that traffic can/will be reduced. They are working with the local police to control traffic and will hire two police officers to supervise the shoot to handle any safety and welfare issues that may occur during the filming.

One of our most important locations is the front of the Presbyterian Church,” he said. “Our main characters will meet and embrace and it’s a climax of the film.

church park

If anyone happens to catch any TMZ during their time here, let us know, we want to see those photos too.

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Keita Tachibana, Koike Teppei star in drama


Keita Tachibana of w-inds. will co-star with Koike Teppei of WaT, in his first drama on TBS called, Ohitorisama.

Playing opposite of him is fellow artist Arisa Mizuki.

Keita will play Hiroyuki Harada, close friend of Shinichi Kamisaka (Koike).

The Drama will start 10/16 on TBS. The first fifteen minutes will run from 22:00~23:09, but the original time will be 22:00~22:54 and will air every Friday night.

This will be Keita’s first drama since his music career and his solo activities.

Good luck Keita, I hope your acting skills are up to par because your opposites are experienced and your not. I hope it’s a lot better than your first movie with w-inds. in 2002, Starlight; because that was just straight giggles. I’ll be watching and praying you don’t look bad.

Official Site:

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