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2NE1 is turning heads in Japan

Okay so maybe not all the heads, but BIG store in Shibuya is playing 2NE1 and giving them some pretty good promotions. Since YG has a headquarters in Japan it won’t be surprising to see the ladies of 2NE1 to follow in their sunbae’s footsteps.

Next stop: Japan.. after that .. well who knows where ever YG takes them! Hopefully here in the U.S. of A!

source: letsplay2ne1

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Big Bang’s Electric Love Bus

Big Bang finally started their 2010 tour in Japan called “ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR.” To commemorate this wonderful occasion they guys designed their own tour bus. The group will be in Japan this month to do their tour and then head back home.

They kicked off their tour in Yokohama Arena yesterday (2/10) and will do another show tonight and will head to Kobe World Hall (13~14), Nippon Budokan (16~17), Osaka and Nagoya.

SeungRi stated, “I can’t wait to go back home [to Korea.]” While G-Dragon informs their fans that “all the preparations have been going smoothly, so please enjoy it to your hearts content.

If your attending the concert tour and have not been informed of the guidelines, you should take a look at their official Japanese website as they have instructions for conduct before, during and after the show; also information on how to give presents to the members, available in Japanese, Korean and English. You can view them here.

If you can’t make it to the concert, have no fear. TBS Channel will be airing a line up of Big Bang concerts for all their fans.

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Does 2NE1 deserve the solo treatment?


Barely five months old and Korean hip-pop group, 2NE1 will have their first solo concert.  The girls are set to debut with their first full length album this November. YG Entertainment has announced that the girls will also do a solo concert after the release of this album.

While many female groups rarely get to do solo concerts, 2NE1 is joining the ranks of old school K-Pop idols like S.E.S., Fin.k.L, and Wonder Girls. But is this solo debut too premature?

While there are many who say yes, there are about the same amount who say no. What do I say? I say its a bit too premature. Why? While I love 2NE1 out of all the female groups out there to date, a solo concert when your barely going to be half a year old is like asking a baby to talk right after you hear the child say “mommy.”

The saying goes, “strike while the kettle’s hot,” but something like this can easily go over the boiling point. In resulting the girls to become uninteresting and undesirable. Other groups like SNSD who have been around a lot longer, have yet to do a solo concert, knowing full well that they could sell out an arena of some sort.

A group who stays indies for a while, will produce longer, lasting fans. If 2NE1 goes solo now, later down the line they could lose fans instead of gain them.

It’s a proven fact with indies artists. An indies artist who is indies for at least one to two years, then makes a ‘major’ debut  has a lesser chance of losing fans. They stand to gain fans as a trendy artist, but if something happens, those fans from those indies days prove to be loyal and stay. Most of the time they only stand to gain fans as opposed to lose them.

2NE1 in my opinion is an indies artist. They need to simmer and reach a fair temperature and stay there for as long as they can, so they don’t boil and lose that momentum.  Because we all know at the current rate of girl groups coming out of the wood works, 2NE1 can easily be replaced in a micro second.

As Heidi Klum says, “One day your in, the next day your out.

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Shaun Evaristo & Lyle Beniga for Tae Yang

lyle shaun aimee yongbae

So maybe it’s not Shaun choreographing TaeYang‘s new song “WHERE U AT“, maybe it’s Shaun’s friend Lyle Beniga. Or maybe they both are working on more than one song for TaeYang?

Lyle twittered on 9/29, “leaving 2day…Just wanna say m/v is gonna look amazing & I’m very proud of YB!!

lyle twitter

Shaun also just came back from Korea two to three days ago. He even posted a photo of Tae Yang and Aimee when they went to eat. So it’s possible that they [Shaun and Lyle] both choreographed for Tae Yang.

That or Shaun was there choreographing one of GD‘s new songs and it happened to be at the same time. Also since Aimee Lucas was with Shaun this time in Seoul, does this mean that she was choreographing for 2NE1‘s new album? Or was she there just to hang out?

Either way, it’s just cool that YG has some of the world’s most wicked choreographers coming to choreo for one of Korea’s best hip hop idols.

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[JPop/KPop] Asia Song Festival 2009

With the passing of the Asia Song Festival, photo’s and videos (including fancams) have popped up. And since none of us were there, here’s a peek at what we all missed.

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2NE1 in Sudden Attack

sudden attack 2NE1

Photo’s of 2NE1 in the first player, male dominated game, SUDDEN ATTACK have been released. The girls look fly and ready to kick some butt. If I played this game, I would play Bom, she looks classy.

suddenattack-bom 2NE1suddenattack-dara 2NE1suddenattack-cl 2NE1
suddenattack-minzy 2NE1

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