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TVXQ for your cell phone

Starting today 2/17, cell phone users will be able to carry Tohoshinki every where with them. Users will be able to purchase a kisekae kit with groups Tohoshinki and AAA for “kisekae♪mu-mo.”

Kisekae are theme’s for your cell phones. So from today on you can Tohoshinki your phone out with a theme to make people go “Who is that!?” Photo’s from Tohoshinki’s first BEST SELECTION 2010 album will be used in the kisekae. The kit includes “Special Shots” of the group taken for the album.

AAA, Koda Kumi and EXILE are also part of the kisekae and users will be able to see photo’s from the artists newest albums. Ayumi Hamasaki‘s kit includes photo’s from her “Calendar 2010 Special Shot.”

source: natalie

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Aya Kamiki is moving to Tokyo

kamiki aya

Singer, Aya Kamiki, has joined the ranks of avex artists. She recently shared the stage in Osaka with DBSK, Ayumi and other avex artists at a-nation ’09. Her previously label GIZA, located in Osaka let her go, and now she has moved to Tokyo to join avex and their wonderful ranks of artistry.

Like all artist that release their first single with a (new) label, her first single will be the opening theme song to “Kamen Rider W” starting 9/6. However, her single will not be released till 11/11, “WBX~W Boiled Extreme”, a collaboration with TAKUYA (ROBO+S).

Aya’s not a bad singer, she’s like the Avril of Japan (if there was going to be one). What gets me though, if the song is going to be used for Kamen Rider W in September, why release it 2 months later?

Oh well, I’m looking forward to it, and you should too.

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Ayumi is a fangirl!


Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki showed her true colors at A-Nation last weekend. She’s a fangirl for TVXQ (DBSK). Ayumi recently blogged about how much a of a fangirl she is.

“…Chon-san (nickname Ayumi made for herself) went to go watch Tohoshinki’s performance in very very high spirits today. But… Due to a mistake in planning, when I went, they were already on their last song.

So there I am, wearing my Tohoshinki t-shirt, wearing a Tohoshinki towel on my neck, holding a Tohoshinki fan, I’m all totally ready… But tomorrow, I shall have my revenge!”

“…To those asking ‘Why were you holding a Tohoshinki towel?’…
I’M A FAN!♪ They have beautiful singing voices, I fell in love with them in Ehime~.”

ayumi fangrils dbsk

Speaking about the photo above:
[Photo 1] Fully equipped and very energetic♪ And right here, the member whose voice hypnotizes Chon-san the most was singing enthusiastically.♪♪♪ I was feeling way too good, I was shaking.

[Photo 2] Well, this is the last song, and I was a very fired up person.

[Photo 3] Staff coming to visit me while I’m feeling like that, all of my staff was laughing very loudly at my useless style here, lol.

Source: Ayumi’s Blog
translations by ayoofic@livejournal

I laugh at this because she really looks like one of those fangirls you see at those crazy concerts. It’s kind of cute actually to see her like that. I love the expression the staff’s faces’, that is like a priceless kodak moment.

I will predict it now, Ayumi and TVXQ will release a single in the future. This is Ayumi we’re talking about, what Ayumi wants Ayumi gets, and after discovering TVXQ, there’s not way she wouldn’t want to do a collaboration with them. Much like the one Koda Kumi did with TVXQ, but I bet Ayu TVXQ collab will be a ballad. Guaranteed.

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How many records can she break?


Ayumi Hamasaki sets a new record on Oricon charts. Her latest single “Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~,” sold over 75,000 copies and ranked #1 on the sales charts; becoming her 21st consecutive number-one single.

Out of the 46 singles she’s released, 44 of them have all topped the top 10 spots on Oricon. She beat out B’z, Southern All-Stars, SMAP and Zard in the process.

With all those number one singles no wonder she can afford all that plastic her face.

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AYU is all for RIMMEL!


Singer Ayumi Hamasaki is now the spokesmodel for make-up brand RIMMEL. She will be seen in all Asian countries that sell RIMMEL. Promotions started this month and will last for a good long while. How long? I couldn’t tell you honestly, but knowing how popular this brand is, pretty popular.

Their catch phrase for these promotions is “Sparkling Gradation Eyes. Because Ayu has huge eyes, it’s not like you really can’t miss it.

Now I like Ayu, she has a good voice and she writes her own lyrics, but really, she is Korea all rolled into one. Looking at her face, I wonder if Tohoshinki asked her who her plastic surgeon is.



source: sanspo

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