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substitution is by no means a replacement of the original – if you hate us, we love you –


We were going to get our own server again, but this is free and seems to be working fine. So we will stay here until we decide other wise.

We are a group of people who just like to report information on JPop, KPop, and TPop. Whether it be official news, gossip, rumors, or scandals, anything we find interesting we’ll post it. Of course with our two cents and you know its always worth more.

Some of us are entertainment journalists, while others are just bloggers, but either way, you’re going to love us, like us or hate us. But really, we don’t care if you hate us because if you do, then that just means you really love us.

-The people who made TW hate us for the melovi. posting.

If you want to get a hold of us, just email us here.

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