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T.O.P is Turnin’ it Up!

It’s been a long time I know, I know.

I’m posting this because well Spock T.O.P finally released his solo single. He finally does a little dance.. I think that’s the most I’ve seen him move in a while. Can’t wait for Tae Yang’s album too. This month is just way too awesome. Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday?

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JPop & KPop Secrets

So we found some funny, yet true fan secrets of JPop and KPop and thought we’d share with you all. Why? Because we either fully or partially agree with these. Plus they’re funny. Enjoy.

Note: We DID NOT do these, these were posted on the J-Rock and K-Pop Secret communites on LJ.

I still can’t get over TOP and the Jimmy Fallon. That is just too classic for words. And that last one of the J-Rock musicians, really? None of my guy friends, even the Japanese musicians do that with their friends. Fail.

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He’s out!


In two days that is. Daesung will be out of the hospital on 8/29.

YG said, “The operation was a success. There shouldn’t be a huge issue with Daesung being discharged, as long as he doesn’t move his back.”

Well thank god! Obvisously this means that his injuries weren’t that serious. No offense, but if he can be discharged this early, his injuries were really minor compared to his coordinators.

We wish you a speedy recovery Daesung, we don’t want to see Seungri on Family Outing or anyone else but you.

Notice how, whenever there is a post about a Big Bang member, Seungri is always mentioned. Just like TOP said in Come to Play, “We were on for 30 min, and 1/3 of the time was us talking about Seungri.” What a sad web we weave TOP!

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big bang

Before Big Bang left Japan, they recorded a few shows that would air this month. Well one of those shows just happens to be Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champs. That shows been around for so long that if you don’t know how the hosts (Downtown) are, sometimes people will crap in their pants for the things they do and say. That’s a good thing.

This epidsode of HEY^3 is classic because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do what TOP does.

TOP: Hi, I’m TOP, I rap and I also make music. My Japanese is really good.
Matsumoto: No it’s not.
TOP: No really, it’s really really good.
Matsumoto: No, it’s really not!
(pulls out cards)
TOP: Please… stop talking now.
Matsumoto: He totally looked at those cards!

TOP‘s fail = Priceless
For everything else there’s Mastercard.

This probably has to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen, because really, “Who does that?” -Ju

This is TOP‘s second fail on Japanese TV, remember this?

Seungri does a pretty good impression of Komatsubara Yutaka (aka Antoki no Inoki). It’s a classic moment when everyone is laughing except the other members. I laugh at Daesung, because Matsumoto doesn’t like magic.

It’s a shame that only 6 minutes were shown, usually the artist is interviewed for about 5-10 minutes.

Note: Not that we’re particularly picky, but if you decide to use my translation of TOP and Matsumoto, please credit back: suitestaboo@wordpress

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Big Bang minus One


You knew it was bound to happen, Seungri is just so good, with Daesung out of commision for 8 weeks, he’s taking over his spot too in the group. Just think this is what Big Bang is going to look like from now on without the happy-go-lucky mood setter. No offense to the rest of the members, but unless TOP decides to show that joker side of his 24/7, Big Bang without Daesung is like Grey Goose and cranberry without the Goose, and you know that just ain’t right.

big bang minus 1

After a long 2-month absence from Korea and losing a member, Big Bang will be back on stage in front of 400 lucky fans. The group will be performing at Seoul’s HongDae SangSang MaDang’s Live Hall on 8/24. How did they chose those 400 lucky fans? Through a random computerized selection at Cafe Lotte.

Although I would really laugh if some of them weren’t fans at all and just sold the tickets or something.

By the way, if you didn’t know, I was just kidding.

Daesung is just in recovery, so obviously he can’t join the others for this ‘come back stage’. Even though it’s really not; but doesn’t it look lonely without Daesung?

Also, for those of you who think that Seungri is useless and contributes nothing to the group. Think again, he contributes a lot to the group. Why, if he wasn’t in the group, would we be able to make posts like this? I think not.

Thank you Seungri, we love you.

source: omgkpop

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