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Takako Uehara injured

uehara takako

Takako Uehara of SPEED, injured herself during a performance on 9/26 in Kanazawa. Takako sprained her lumbar vertebrae and has been forced to take rest. The next day performance was cancelled as well.

When SPEED announced their comeback last year and promised a nation-wide tour this year, they did not disappoint. But with this injury the groups tour will be on hiatus until 11/1.

We hope you get better Takako. I was so happy to see SPEED back and in full effect, that this minor setback won’t slow down SPEED‘s comeback.

source: oricon

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Saeko a player?


It seems that Saeko is in a bit of a scandal, not really fun for her, but it could be fun for us?

If you don’t know who Saeko is, she starred in the movie, BACKDANCERS with SPEED’s Hiro and she was also in the drama with Yamapi, Dragon Zakura.

Saeko now married to Yuu Darvish, pitcher of the Nippon Ham Fighters, and has a son with him.

The scandal? Well according to some workers and witnesses’ in Roppongi, before she married, she was a little player. Nothing big right? Well for her it might be, as she kept this a secret from her hubby, Yuu. But it’s also reported that she was a little druggie too.

It doesn’t help that the clubs and restaurants she frequented in Roppongi are the same one’s that known druggie, Noriko Sakai, hung out too.

A worker at a club said, “Saeko was rumored to be in a relationship with the president of the Good Will Group, and that’s how she became a celebrity.”

The article states it’s a possible scandal, I don’t really know as I haven’t even heard from her in a while. I wouldn’t worry too much though. Being a druggie in the celeb world in Japan is the new trend.

source: エンタメ裏Max

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SPEED gets a warm welcome


Welcome back!

After six years, Japan’s most popular pop girl group, SPEED, is back and in full effect. They started off their first nation wide tour in Nagoya City Gaisha Hall, along with 7000 fans.

They performed 25 songs, starting with their debut single from 1996, “Body and Soul” and ending with their latest single, “S.P.D.” For an encore they performed “Starting Over.”

I’m really happy to be back on stage with the best members on an awesome stage. Thank you for the warm welcome,” said Eriko Imai.

Hiroko Shimabukuro said, “We’re so excited to see everyone and happy to be back!!

All of us have been taking care of ourselves and are in full health, so we’re happy to see you all”, said Takako Uehara. The oldest, Hitoe Arakaki said, “It’s been a while since we’ve all been on stage together. Thanks.

The last time the girls were seen was in 2004 on 24 hour TV. Even though their fans are in their 20s and 30s, it’s like they never went away.

You know, its times like this, I wish I was still in Japan. I was so sad when they disbanded back in ’03 and I never got to see them. They are back now and touring and I still can’t see them.  Well hopefully they will come out with a DVD of this tour after it’s done. SPEED set the standards for all current J-Pop female groups, they should be eternally grateful to them.

Don’t have any SPEED CDs? Why not get their latest album, “SPEEDLAND – The Premium Best Re Tracks-” with the DVD? Order it at CDJ.

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A collection KARA SS501

all-my-love ss501

SS501 will release a new 3-disc DVD, MBC Collection. Each DVD will contain rare footage, of never before scenes from the boys. Disc1 is a documentary of their history, disc 2 shows performance footage and disc 3 will reveal private footage of their travel to Thailand, fan event footage, interview with the members, etc. This collections also includes a 100-page deluxe photobook. (Pre-order at CDJ)

The DVD will be out on 11/25 through Universal Music Japan (UMJ). Coincidentaly the same Japanese label as Big Bang.  I’m not sure if they changed labels in Japan, because their label in Japan has been Pony Canyon. This might have something to do with KARA making their debut in Japan later this year.


If they did change managements in Japan, I can’t help but think it’s because UMJ has done so well with Big Bang. SS501 hasn’t received that type of promotion in Japan and they’ve been there for over a year.

DSP Entertaiment said, “KARA’s Japanese management feels KARA has huge potential in Japan and we will begin full on promotions as originally planned.

It’s said that many of the industry professionals believe that KARA has the most potential of all girl groups in Korea. Which is probably true; they fit Japan’s image very well for idol groups. Yes I said idol, because that’s what they will be classfied as in Japan. Also, how much you want to bet that their music will be the epitomy of J-Pop and go against acts such as SPEED and MAX? They’ve been needing competition for quite some time, it looks like Korea is the place that can bring in some game.

Good luck to them, they will need it, especially in that Japan.

note: If you’re wondering about the title of this post, “kara” means “from” in Japanese.

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I really can’t wait for these releases. Why? Because I love all these artists. This will be the first concert tour with the original members of MAX. I hope its just as good as the last one, which was 2001? And even though I’m not really a huge fan of Lead’s new single, I do have to admit it’s pretty catchy. Give it a few days after I get my copy and I’ll probably like it. ….and SPEED, how I love thee, but do you really need to release yet ~another~ best album? I mean seriously, I would like a whole new album please. K Thanks!

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SPEED Live 2009



SPEED will be doing a nation wide tour from September 5-October 25, which includes 16 shows. Present by Family Mart, the girls are preparing at the Starlight Studio, so if you want to stalk them just go to the Starlight Studio. They have their work cut out for them though. They are “legendary” in terms of girl groups in Japan, and they have to do 16 shows in one month? Work them much VF? But I guess if hadn’t been on stage for six years, I’d be itching for some type of busy schedule.

The tickets to this tour can be purchased online at Vision Factory, through their fanclub or at Family Mart. If you were smart you’d go to Family Mart just so you can have some of that chicken I miss so much. 

Tickets start at Y6,300 and go up from there. 

Tour Schedule:
9/5(土)  Japan Gaisi Hall  16:00/17:00
9/6(日)  Japan Gasi Hall  14:00/15:00
9/13(日)  Fukuoka International Center  15:00/16:00
9/19(土)  Hirosima ALSOK Hall  17:00/18:00
9/20(日)  Hirosima ALSOK Hall  14:00/15:00
9/23(水)  Sendai Sun Plaza Hall  17:00/18:00
9/26(土)  Kanazawa Opera Hall  17:00/18:00
9/27(日)  Kanazawa Opera Hall  14:00/15:00
10/3(土)  Osaka-Jo Hall  16:00/17:00
10/4(日)  Osaka-Jo Hall  14:00/15:00
10/10(土) Beshia Culture Hall (Gunma Assembly Hall)  17:00/18:00
10/13(火)  Nippon Budokan  17:30/18:30
10/14(水)  Nippon Budokan  17:30/18:30
10/17(土)  Kagosima Culture Hall dai1  17:00/18:00
10/18(日)  Kagosima Culture Hall dai1  14:00/15:00
10/25(日)  Niigata Assembly Hall  17:00/18:00 

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