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Tickets for Korean pop start BoA will be on sale for her 2010 ~IDENTITY~ Tour.

Ticket sales started 1.26 and will end 2.1  at 18:00.

Day: 2010.4.16
Place: Tokyo International Forum Hall A
Open: 17:30
Start: 18:30
Price: Y6,900 ($76.37)

By the way, I’m loving her outfit and her hair. That hairstyle really looks great on her.

photo courtesy of Avex.

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[TV Update] Music Japan


J-Pop fans get ready for next week’s show MUSIC JAPAN, because they have a tantalizing line-up: Aqua Timez, AKB48, the Gazette, Kana Nishino, BoA, Nana Mizuki and Morning Musume.

Don’t forget, they’ll be on air, 9/14.

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BoA is an Extra


BoA is finally showing up on U.S. national tv, after a while. She will be on Extra this weekened so keep watch!

I was wondering what happened to her, because Wonder Girls have stolen the spotlight from her here in the U.S. It’s nice to see that she’s finally on T.V. here.

Now try to get on some show like the Wonder Girls were on The Wendy Williams Show.

source: boa@twitter

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BoA failed!!!

On getting her CA drivers license that is. Not once, not twice, but THREE times!! Oh the shock! I mean really that girl has barely been here 2 years and she tried to get one right when she was here last year? California! What are you thinking!? Stop letting non-citizens get their license! No offense to BoA, but seriously, the number of people who aren’t even citizens in this country getting a license is ridiculous. Anyways on that note, go watch as Entertainment Weekly interviews BoA and her living stateside.

BoA: But I don’t have car in L.A., so it’s pretty hard to go anywhere. I tried to get my driver’s license but I failed — I didn’t study well. I didn’t know that the test was so hard. Actually, I failed twice last year, but don’t tell anyone!

I love it! “Don’t tell anyone”, but I’ll say it in an interview to EW!! BoA… I’m at a loss for words right now. Don’t worry people still love you! Just stay away from the wheel and all of us in L.A. will be OK!

On another note… you learn something new everyday, because I had no idea that Weezer re-made BoA’s “Meri Kuri” (Merry Christmas).

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Crystal Kay feat. Chemistry and BoA for 10th anniversary

Who wouldn’t love that? Well, it’s happening.Avex just announced Crystal Kay is going to realease a new single by August 12 featuring her long time friend BoA and Chemistry’s Kaname to commemorate her 10th year in the music industry. This is going to rock so look up to it!

01 After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY)
02 Girlfriend feat. BoA

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