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BIG BANG Special – Mezamashi Live

Here are the performances from Big Bang‘s Mezamashi Live. The last one is a fancam of the new songs, “Stay“, that will be released on their new album on 8/19. This is their last live in Japan for right now, as promotions are done for their singles and they will be heading back to Korea. I also love how the Japanese fans are all calling them by their Korean names and not the Japanese names. They should have just stuck with their Korean names, they sound so much better than their Japanese stage names.

On that note, for some reason I really want Big Bang back in Korea. They are going back! THANK GOD! I just hope they do stuff. I know Jiyong has his solo so that’s good. I’m just happy they’re going back to Korea next week. I don’t know what it is, but having them in Japan is really annoying. Someone change my mind. PLEASE!

credit: Juliette10111, TYPICALpocky, miraiGD

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[UPDATE] Big Bang rocks Yoyogi park!


8000 fans showed up to Big Bang’s 2nd single release event, Gara Gara GO!! The first event for their debut single, “MY HEAVEN“, didn’t go well as the venue over flowed and the event was cancelled. This time, they were prepared and the boys were able to perform both singles plus four more and talk to their fans.

“We have been looking forward to this time with everyone”, said G-Dragon.

Seungri said, “I was really surprised. I’m really happy too, but I was hoping that this single would become #1. It comes out today so hopefully it will become #1.”

T.O.P had a few words, “Even in this rain, it must be hard, but thank you very much for coming. Please enjoy the show till the end.”

Since their first album in 2006, “BIGBANG“, they will release a best album, ASIA BEST 2006-2009” and a live DVD, “BIG SHOW”, on 8.19.2009.

source: sanspo

Youtube videos and more photos under cut

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GARA GARA GO!! is still a NO GO!

The PV for their new single “GARA GARA GO!!” is out as well. I have to say, I’m still not diggin’ it. This video is so random, I don’t know where to look. It’s like a messy website: a lot of information, hard to process, don’t know where to focus. The song is eh, I give it an “ok” at best. Only because I’m really tired of hearing them talk about themselves in their own songs. Be original! We KNOW you’re BIG BANG, we know you can dance, we know you can sing, we know you have some style, tell us something we don’t know! I love you guys, but oh my god, you’re like a broken record.

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Okay, so anyone who’s been here obviously knows that I fancy Big Bang, and not in that way you pervs. I found a preview of their 2nd single, GARA GARA GO!!, and I hate to say I told you so. Even if it is a preview (and it was on the radio), I was hoping for something different. It’s not MoMusu style, but seriously guys can’t you think of something else to sing about besides yourselves? How many times is TOP going to say “Bibibibi BIG BANG!” in a song, or even at the end of a preview? He did it on Music Edge and how many other shows? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a group mention their own name in a song (or multiple) as much as they have.

Come on guys get original here for once… PLEASE! You’re killing me.
Oh don’t forget this single comes out 7/8, hopefully we’ll get a preview of the coupling and it’ll be better. Hopefully when we hear this song in it’s entirety it will be better.

credit: tsubanaonao

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BigBang reveals “GARA GARA GO!!”

I had a feeling that when they released the title of that 2nd single, GARA GARA GO!!, we’d get some happy tune. I was thinking of Morning Musume type too, believe it or not. G-Dragon let’s us know that their 2nd single will be a “Big Bang style party tune”. It better not be some Japaense happy poppy crap. Because you know Japan has this way of turning good groups into some really lousy pop idols with really happy-go-lucky music. Not that it’s all bad at all, but not with Big Bang, that would just be sad. It really would.

The video message to Shinseido reveals all. Oh the pink too. They need to stop, I’m going to hate that color even more. At least TOP has normal hair and no sunglasses. I like his eyes, he needs to show them more.

thanks BabyB0ngaholic

They need to stay like this:

This is the new promo pic that was just released for the online shooting game, SUDDEN ATTACK. The boys have their own characters and did over 80 lines of dialogue along with sound effects plus some ad-lib. The boys are very excited to be characters in the game. Not only are the models for the game, but there will be some song(s) by them incorporated as well. (source: monmoon@soompi)

This must be what the characters will look like?? I found this on popseoul so this must be what creators are thinking of with BB. Because seriously, Seungri and Tae Yang are not that buff.  For some reason, Daesung fits in that image right there. I laugh at this photo though, it’s funny.

And to show you all how smart Japan is, especially at Mezamasi TV…

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