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More fashion collaborations!


Mika isn’t the only collaborating it up, fashion brand Uniqlo has teamed up with music artist, MEG for a new line. MEG has especially designed some of the clothes herself. The collaboration is a tie-in with her newly released mini album, “Journey” (8/26).

MEG’s designs include a parker, one piece and a cutsew; under her brand name CAROLINA GLASER.

You can get MEG’s Uniqlo designs at the UT STORE HARAJYUKU and online. Some other stores are Shinjuku’s OI Karen shop, in which you will receive a special tote bag.

BUY ONLINE: Limited Edition | Regular

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Crystal Kay and Jin Akanishi… together

crystal kay

Crystal Kay announced that her new album, “BEST OF CRYSTAL KAY” will have a second premium disc with the limited edition. The disc will contain four songs done with some of the major players in the music biz.

The songs contain production by m-flo’s Taku Takahasi for the song, Over and Over. The song is also a theme song for the MBS show DRESS; is also used for NTT East’s FLET commercial. Song produced by Yasutaka Nakata, “Step by Step”, will be the theme song to anime Jungle Taite (Jungle Emperor Leo).

She even has two of hip hop’s hottest producers, MUMMY-D and KREVA doing “Private Dancers”. While she sings a duet with singer, Jin Akanishi called, “Helpless Night”.

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KOBUKURO takes it to the skies


The skies are un-limited for KOBUKURO. The duo teamed up with JAL (Japan Airlines) to give you everyone a very interesting collaboration, “JAL X KOBUKURO JET“.

Airports in Sapporo and Okinawa plan to participate in this promotion as well. KOBUKURO‘s new album “CALLING” will be pasted on the side of JAL airplanes in all three airports starting in August until December 30.

The duo performed at Haneda Airport in the west section in one of the hangers. Two hunderd fans showed up for the event.

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Mika x Morisan CHUU! Collaboration!

gnj0907270503005-p1Mika Nakashima surprised everyone in Azuma Kyomaru at Tokyo International Airport on 7/26 during her nation wide tour. Mika did a special collaboration with comedian Morisan Chuu. For one night only, they formed the band, “MICA 3CHU”, with the song “I DON’T KNOW“, to introduce the band.

Mika stated, “Please enjoy the show till the very end!

Twenty-one songs were performed, including the new song, “Over Load”. Over 5000 fans got to witness this event and only they know how great this collaboration was.  Personally, I don’t know who Morisan is, but it does look interesting.


source: sanspo

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Wonder Girls x Jonas Brothers working together

So news has it that Wonder Girls are working on an American album and Jonas Brothers will be writing a couple of songs for them.  It also says that they will be doing a collaboration on a “electric house number”.

I’m really trying to hear what kind of songs JB can make for WG. I bet they really like them, I mean really 5 cute girls and 3 guys… you do the math (and your imagination).  Hopefully though this will help out the girls even more. I bet you’ll see their song on Disney or something though, that’s what happened to BoA.  Then again everyone watches Disney, even I do!

source: Sookyeong

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