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Girugamesh is the Hot Topic at HT!

Japanese rock band Girugamesh was Artist of the week over at American store Hot Topic. The four member group has gained a lot of attention after releasing a couple of U.S. albums and now stands as a hot topic.

Girugamesh’s new album “NOW” hits the shelves this week at Hot Topic stores nationwide. The USA release contains the complete 28-page Japanese booklet with lyrics, photos, and liner notes from the band.

In support of the USA release of the band’s new CD, JapanFiles and Hot Topic are giving away free replicas of girugamesh’s 2010 tour poster with the purchase of “NOW.” The 11″ x 15″ full-color poster lists all of girugamesh’s Japan tour dates in support of “NOW,” plus a photo of the band and jacket covers from all 3 editions of the new album.

In 2009, Hot Topic sold over 4,000 combined units of girugamesh’s two prior USA releases – “MUSIC” and “Girugamesh.”

Poster offer available while supplies last. Posters not available in all stores. See your local Hot Topic store for poster availability. Also available online at

Download girugamesh’s discography at the JapanFiles Digital Music Store.

We at STC want to say congratulations to ya.. even if the week is over… and we are late in posting this. Hey at least we acknowledged it.

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the Underneath give their Thanks

Japanese rock band the Underneath will say their goodbye’s on March 3, 2010. The band has decided to disband but not without releasing one last single for their fans.

The band released a message to all their fans a week ago on their Myspace:

To all the fans and everyone supporting the Underneath

the Underneath will break up on the live show at Shibuya O-West on May 3, 2010. Though the band formed on January 1, 2008.

Thank you for supporting all of our activities lasting for 13 years and the activities of the Underneath up to now.

a final tour will be performed in appreciation for all of our friends of the fan.

theUnderneath LAST LIVE TOUR 2010 ” LAST SCENE “

We are so grateful for all your support and we hope to gain your kind understanding.

I will announce the tour later.
thank you,
the Underneath members

The new suddenly shocked all their fans, making MASATO feel like he needed to say a few words of comfort:

To everyone who supports us,
We, the Underneath, announced the other day that we would break up.
We have discussed many times.

I read the messages from everyone.
I’m so sorry that we disappointed you.
And I’m also so proud that we are supported by such wonderful fans.

We’ve overcome no matter what happened, so if we break up, we’ll never
forget that attitude.
I want to tell you that we never give up whatever we are going to be.

We are grateful to all the fans supporting us through MySpace all over
the world.

Thank you.


Their last single will be released 2010.3.17 and is titled “Diamond.” The single will only be available in Japan, no plans of an overseas version has been announced (though I wouldn’t put it past them to make one.)

1. Diamond
2. Deep -acoustic ver.-
3. Bite the bullet -re-build ver.-
4. Frontier -re-build ver.-

STRG-0004 / Include:4 songs / 1,500 yen(taxin)
selling agency:STIRRING RECORDS
distribution source:KnowledgeAlliance

I am really sad to this band disband… once again. I love them as Transtic Nerve from years ago and to see them disband is a real shame. They are awesome live and even such sweethearts. At least they got to be on U.S. soil and tour here in 2008. Only a handful of bands can say they really toured the U.S. One of the few Japanese rock bands I really enjoyed. Bye-bye.

If you happen to be in Japan in the next couple of months, I suggest you try and see them before they disband.

the Underneath LAST LIVE TOUR 2010 ” LAST SCENE “

HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-3 Saitama shintoshin (Saitama)
Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
Ticket: adv 3,150 yen (tax in・+Drink 500 yen) / ent 3,675 yen (tax in・+Drink 500 yen)
Information:DISK GARAGE 03-5436-9600

Kobe STAR CLUB (Aichi)
Open 17:00 / Start 17:30
Ticket: adv 3,150 yen (tax in・+Drink 500 yen) / ent 3,675 yen (tax in・+Drink 500 yen)
Information:KYODO TICKET CENTER 06-7732-8888

Nagoya ell. FITS ALL(Aichi)
Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
Ticket: adv 3,150 yen (tax in・+Drink 500 yen) / ent 3,675 yen (tax in・+Drink 500 yen)
Information:SUNDAY FOLK PROMOTION 052-320-9100

Shibuya O-WEST (Tokyo)
Open 16:00 / Start 16:30
Ticket: adv 3,800 yen (tax in・+Drink 500 yen) / ent 4,500 yen (tax in・+Drink 500 yen)
Information:DISK GARAGE 03-5436-9600

source: official myspace

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cali≠gari to suspend activities

Rock band cali≠gari has announced yesterday (11/18) at their Zepp Tokyo live that the band will suspend activities after their Nippon Budokan live on 2/11/10. They previously announced a hiatus period back in September, telling fans that after 11/18 show they were going to suspend activities.

They have also made a ‘movie’ making a public announcement on their official website.

source: natalie, official website

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An Cafe releases’ before they say goodbye


We posted before that An Cafe will be going on “hiatus” (well the term we used is ‘quits’) after their Nippon Budokan live on 1/4/2010.

Well before that the band will release one more album, a best of album to be exact. As for the title of the album they will use their original name “Antic -coffee shop-“. The album will include their singles, songs performed at their pervious shows and some ‘rare’, un-published songs. The album will also be 2-disc, 15 songs each. First press (limited edition) will include a sleeve (slip case).

In 2010 they will also release an official artist book “NYAPPYBOOK“. The book will come with a DVD that has 100 minute movie of An Cafe and an original tote bag enclosed.

Their agency, Sinko Music will start taking pre-order via web on 11/16.

And if you didn’t know, An Cafe will also be featured in SHOXX magazine’s “SHOXX FILE”.

an cafe shoxx file
Pre-order: CDJ

an cafe best
release date: 2009.12.09
Pre-order: CDJ | Amazon Japan

Disc 1

01.LOCK ON ☆ザ☆ 御NEW世界
12.可愛湯’s ЯocК

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A special memorial for Jasmine You

Jasmine You

Earlier this year bassist Jasmine You passed away. Now several months later his band, Versailles, will hold a special event for him, “Versailles Presents Jasmine You – Memorial Ceremony-“. This special event will be held at SHIBUYA O-EAST on 1/4/2010.

Other guests to appear are Kaya and Matenrou Opera.

Tickets will officially be on sale to the public on 11/21, but members of Versailles official fanclub “NOBLE” will be able to purchase tickets through their mobile phones on 11/2.

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VK no longer smells like Jasmine

Jasmine You

Versailles basist, Jasmine You, passed away yesterday morning. All band activites will be on hold till further notice. Cause of death is unknown at the present time. Until the news gives out anymore info, this is all you guys get.

The VK world has lost another soul. Expect to see a lot of “hide”, “kazuki” and “kami” scenes again. I’ll honestly say I don’t listen to the band, but I did listen to Lareine, Kamijo’s old band. I’ll be honest, I won’t miss Jasmine either. I didn’t know him, and I’m sure all the J-Rock fans will cry and be depressed and say stuff how they were touched by him in some way. But let’s be honest folks, he played bass, and half of you probably didn’t even notice him till now. As we all know bassists are hardly ever noticed because the spotlight is taken by the vocal or guitarist, and unless Jasmine was “hot” (which I doubt he was), I don’t think he had many fans. You all can say I’m being mean, but you all know I’m right.

But my condolences to his family and the band members. Take care Jasmine, you’re probably happier now that you don’t have to deal with life.

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