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Big Bang @ Ameba Studio

Is it me or does Jiyong look really really tired? Well they did have to get up at 5 or so (look at all that Red Bull sitting there), that or he got up and slapped on all that stuff so he doesn’t have to do his hair or make. Which is smart because no one other than me would question why he looks like that.  He’s probably stressed because he did his whole album (in which I am hoping you don’t pull a keita (w-inds.) and it doesn’t sound all the same).

What I’ve concluded from this 5 minute ‘special’ with the guys is, Japan made them wake up too early, Daesung and Seungri’s Japanese got better, GD doesn’t like mornings, well getting ready anyways and T.O.P is a man whore. JK! Well he would date everyone in the group, so if you want to date T.O.P then just have one of their personalities.

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Idoling!!!’s Erika is a G-cup!


On 7/29, IDOLING!!! member, Erika Tanizawa(18) released a DVD titled “Yaza Pie (=White Heart Mark- School)“. Erika graduated from high school this past March and said, “I’m still going to give school my all”, all while changing into 7 different costumes.

She also came out in a polka-dotted bikini and did the “PuruPuru” swing in a tennis challenge. Erika stands at 150cm with measurements of B88W61H86. Some of the other costume changes were a yukata and a cheerleader.

Because I haven’t done so in a long time, I’ll give you guys something to fap about, just be sure to clean up after yourselves. Now imagine an idol, swinging a tennis racket, in a polka-dotted bikini, who has G-cups. Stop. Pause. Done?

To commemorate this event, she will perform at Ishimaru store in Akihabara Softmap Amusement House. She will be there from 15:00-18:00 on 9/6.

OK. Now you know they all have implants, because there has been 3 too many idols that have G-cups, and that includes Nana. Well at least they don’t all look bad, I can actually look at them. Though I have to wonder what a G-cup really is over there, because I’m sure that’s just a C or D-cup over here. I also find it interesting that they would let her do something like this since she’s an “idol” and not a gravi idol. When I say idol, I mean the groups with 7+ girls in it singing happy songs about stuff non of us really care about. Then again she is with VF, so it kinda makes sense.

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Toshi’s hopes for X-Japan

X-Japan singer, Toshi will perform on 7/29 in the metropolotan area for a bone marriow bank charity concert.

Regarding his friend’s surgical procedure, “If there’s an opportunity for his body to get better, and makes a full recovery, I would like to do concert.

And if you don’t know who his friend is, it’s YOSHIKI you douche.

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Anna “damns” heaven


Singer, model and actress, Anna Tsuchiya will participate in a movie event “Sonna kare nara sutechaeba?” on 8/1. Anna, who is a single mom like recently deceased Kaori Kawamura, had a thought for Kaori’s only daughter, “Damn heaven” (in short).

Honestly I just wanted to brief with what Anna said, because I couldn’t find a way to translate “tengoku de chikusho”. Lately she hasn’t been doing much, but I hope she decides to perform in LA again. She is awesome live.

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KOBUKURO takes it to the skies


The skies are un-limited for KOBUKURO. The duo teamed up with JAL (Japan Airlines) to give you everyone a very interesting collaboration, “JAL X KOBUKURO JET“.

Airports in Sapporo and Okinawa plan to participate in this promotion as well. KOBUKURO‘s new album “CALLING” will be pasted on the side of JAL airplanes in all three airports starting in August until December 30.

The duo performed at Haneda Airport in the west section in one of the hangers. Two hunderd fans showed up for the event.

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GLAY returns to America!

Remember last year? That epic event that happened? When GLAY finally came to the U.S. and played in LA and SF? Well they are back! Literally, in the same two places.

GLAY announced on their official myspace, that they will be coming back for 3-days, adding to their already nation-wide tour “THE GREAT VACATION“.

2009.9.09 The Fillmore (San Francisco)
2009.9.11 House of Blues Sunset Strip (Los Angeles)
2009.9.12 House of Blues Sunset Strip (Los Angeles)

Venue info:
■The Fillmore
■House of Blues Sunset Strip

Tickets will not be sold in Japan. There will not be any pre-sale for HAPPY SWING (GLAY Official Fan Club).
For further information, please visit the venue websites.
There will not be any travel packages from Japan.

Although I don’t know how “great” a “vacation” they will have here, since they will probably literally be here for only 4-5 days, but I am extremely happy. I got to see them live last year both days (read my report), and it was pretty epic. I can’t wait to see them again. JIRO!! I’ll be waiting for those 10 seconds of love again you gave me last year.

A message from GLAY:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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