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An Cafe says goodbye


Visual Kei rock band An Cafe has called it quits. Not just yet though, the band’s last live will be on 1/4/2010 at Nippon Budokan.

The band stated that they “feel it’s time to take a break and step-up”, hence the decision to stop activites. An cafe has gained many fans since their formation in 2004, including performances in the U.S. and Europe.

They will release one more album on 9/4 called “Parellel World“. Limited edition comes with a DVD and a slip case.

ancafe ancafe_bb_n


Pre-order: Limited Edition | Regular

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They were just waiting for it to happen

Remember this scandal? When the company was afraid of people doing something with his “giving the finger” to the camera. Which by the way I really doubt he was, and if he was, he needs to do it right.

Anyways, well thanks to them, someone did and well, we couldn’t help but put it up and share it with all of you. Quite frankly it’s pretty darn funny and I feel sorry for CL. If I were her, I’d demand an apology from Jiyong, because really, he walked in on this one and landed her in the middle of it. He has no one to blame but himself.

photos were sent anonymous

Oh yes and on top of that this, G-Dragon has been sponsored by Louis Vuitton to endorse shoes. LV is one of the most popular brand names around the world. Louis Vuitton has never sponsored anyone in Korea, so G-Dragon is the first celebrity to be endorsed. They have already given him a pair of shoes from Kanye West’s line. The only thing they want from GD is to wear it. The self-proclaimed ‘fashionista’ caught a big fish and gets to bathe in the luxery of sneakers that probably only took $30 to make but really cost $500.

g-dragon louis vuitton

He also twittered about it on his me2day:
g-dragon louis vuitton
Wore the new shoe and tried running around in it ^^ Ahh this is addictive much?
(cited from akp)

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He’s making it RAIN in Japan!


Bi made it ‘rain’ in Japan this past weekend. On 8/29 and 8/30, RAIN performed at Saitama Super Arena. It’s been two years since he’s been back in Japan, so this year he made it rain for his “LEGEND OF RAINISM 2009/RAIN ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN”.

For his show on 9/29, he kept everything simple; nothing fancy, just him and a back band. He wanted everyone to focus on his performance more than anything else.

He also paid tribute to Michael Jackson by performing a hot dance to “Billie Jean”.

“He was the best performer. It’s because of him music is what it is today. It’s because of him that I started to dance; he is someone I will always respect.”

RAIN performed 25 songs including, It’s Raining, Running away from the Sun, I Do, I’m Coming, BAD BOY, Love Story, RAINISM, etc.

His show was so hot, that at one point some of the fans looked away because RAIN was half naked and dancing “sexy” with one of the female dancers.

You know I bet if Megan Fox saw that dance, hot and jealous all at the same time. She would be hating on that dancer. Oh well.

It’s sad Michael died on my birthday and RAIN‘s. Well we can take comfort in knowing that people won’t be forgetting our birthdays anytime soon.

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Dear G-Dragon, you are so smart!


Oh G-Dragon, you are like TMZ Korea, just solo. You stir up so much crap, that I know you do it on purpose because bad publicity is better than no publicity. GD is a prodigy, got to give him that.

What’s the new ‘accusation’ this time? Well SNSD fans claim that GD ripped off SNSD’s song “Gee” in his song “The Leaders”. The part of “GGGG G baby baby GD GD baby baby”, is said to sound exactly like “Gee Gee Gee baby baby Gee Gee Gee baby baby”.

You know what? It does, and? You netizen’s, anti’s and fangirls need to give it a rest already. It’s called “he pulled an Eminem”.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe he did it that way on purpose to get a rise out of people because maybe he is making fun of SNSD? Or he actually likes the song and is paying tribute, but I doubt it. Or maybe he went out with one of the SNSD girl’s and is talking about her in the song? I’ll go with the better latter of the evils, its more fun that way.

We forgot to mention this earlier, but happy outing of the hospital Daesung. Wish you a speedy recovery.

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AKB48 – 1?

AKB48 fans are sad to hear that Shihori Suzuki has quite the group. She was recently promoted to be on Team B, when the group announced some big member changes at their Budokan live last weekend.

Shihori wrote on her blog that she did not want to continue with the group “half hearted”, while all the other members were working toward their dreams. Her last stage was on 8/29, but she will appear at one last handshake event on 9/20.

This also means she will not be attending NYAF on 9/27 in New York. Speaking oft the New York Anime Festival, they’ve finally made an official announcement of the groups’ appearance.

AKB48 will participate in a Q&A session and autograph signing. They will perform live at the Jacob Javits Center on 9/26. For those who can’t make it there your in luck because AKB48 will be doing a free, yes you read that correctly, free concert on 9/27 at Webster Hall.

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AKB48 + 6000 = ?


For their new single, “Iiwake Maybe” (8/26), AKB48 graced 6000 fans with their presence. The group held a mini live and a talk with their fans on 8/28 at Yomiuri Land Open Theatre EAST.

Twelve members were present at the event: Atsuko Maeda, Yuuko Ooshima, Mariko Shinoda, Ayu Watanabe, Akina Kojima, Tomomi Itano, Amina Satou, Yukiko Kashiwagi, Satomi Kasai, Erena Ano ,Sayaka Akimoto, and Sae Miyasawa.

The girls sang four songs, Iiwake Maybe, Aitakatta, 10-year Sakura and Namida Surprise!

“Even though it’s really hot here, we’re really happy that you all came out today”, said Yuuko.

Some of the members are also part of a regular program called, “AKB48 Kami TV S2”. Some of the girls had some interesting things to tell their fans.

Miyasawa told the audience, “The ocean is really scary. I want to really have fun when I go to the beach, but I really can’t have fun when I’m there. I also have this feeling something bad is going to happen.” While fellow member Akimoto said, “It’s like she read a new novel or something (laughs).”

Yuuko commented to Akimoto, “Sayaka is learning as she goes along, she’s been living on an unpopulated island since she was a kid”, but she was referring to the way she speaks (her accent).

1.overture~ I wanted to see you
2.10-year Sakura
–MC:Urgent Mucha-ri–
3.Namida Surprise!
4.Iiwake Maybe

AKB48 has been recieving a lot of publicity ever since they went to France last month. Good for you girls, someone other than Morning Musume. is on the rise.

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