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Tohoshinki vol.4

dbsk tvxq

With all that’s going on with TVXQ right now, it’s amazing how label’s will cash in while the pipes hot.

TVXQ will release a new DVD called “History in Japan vol.4“. The DVD is a documentary on their activities in Japan from 2008-2009; on top of their previous release, “All about Tohoshinki Season 3“, earlier this month. That DVD has 6 DVDs, so what could you possibly get in this new one? Probably a lot of backstage and member point-of-view shots that weren’t included in the 6 DVD set? It’s a documentary, what do you expect?

Seems to me that avex and SME are trying to get out as much money as they can before any decision is made by the courts. Because if DBSK loses, there is a 50/50 chance that they will disband, especially if the other two members said they would most likely follow the others. One of the only true ways to get out of a contract is to disband, well in Japan anyways; I’m not too sure if that holds up in Korea, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

How much will this DVD cost you? A whole $42USD. The DVD first press comes with a postcard too. At least you have some incentive?

The DVD will be in stores and available for online delivery on 10/28/09.

Preorder this now at CDJ, you know you want to.

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BoA is an Extra


BoA is finally showing up on U.S. national tv, after a while. She will be on Extra this weekened so keep watch!

I was wondering what happened to her, because Wonder Girls have stolen the spotlight from her here in the U.S. It’s nice to see that she’s finally on T.V. here.

Now try to get on some show like the Wonder Girls were on The Wendy Williams Show.

source: boa@twitter

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More DBSK fun!

tvxq dbsk

So the latest developments on DBSK VS. SME.

SME has until 9/11 to submit financial documents to the courts. SME tried to get out of it by saying that their documents are highly classified and they can’t be leaked out what so ever.

The process of settlement procedures, materials, and the company’s trade secrets cannot be exposed to the media, as they would be fatal for the company“, stated SME.

The courts did say that only a select few will be viewing them so they shouldn’t be worried. After they get reviewed the case should be settled.

Here’s hoping for a happy ending because 120K fans signed and submitted a petition to the Seoul District Court on 8/20.

The two groups lawyers also released statements before the hearing.

TVXQ laywer said, “TVXQ members are very upset about the entire situation, but hopes that the lawsuit will end well.” In addition, “We do not want TVXQ to split up. And even if they do change management companies, there is still a chance that TVXQ will remain together.

While SME’s laywyer stated, “There are no personal grudges against the members, however this lawsuit is an enormous loss to the company, therefore we wish to resolve this as quickly as possible and have TVXQ continue their activities.” In addition, SME stated that, “In regards to the members running Chinese based cosmetics businesses, SM only intervened as it could potentially hurt their image. That was the only reason.

You know both of these groups want their cake and eat it too. It’s not gonna happen. It will either have a happy ending or leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth.

I bet H.O.T, S.E.S and SHINWHA are all gonna crap in their pants too, if DBSK gets their way.

source: allkpop and other kpop blogs

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YG join’s the band wagon

asia song festival

It’s been announced that Big Bang and 2NE1 will join the Asia Song Festival 2009 on 9/19 at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul.  They will join other artists from all over Asia, including Gackt and mihimaru GT from Japan, Chris Lee from China, Show Luo (Taiwan), Ekin Cheng (HK), K-OTIC (Thailand), Ho Ngoc Ha (Vietnam), Agnes Monica (Indonesia) and Ruslana from Ukraine.  Joining Big Bang and 2NE1 from Korea are Girl’s Generation and Super Junior.

Asia Song Festival 2009

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Other agencies’ exclusivity contracts


Because of the whole situation with DBSK, some news sites have gone and done their own investigative reporting to see how well the other top acts fared in their exclusivity contracts.

SM Ent : 6-13 years
JYP : 7 years
YG : 5 years
DSP : 5-7 years


Yoona of SNSD is the only one of the 9 girls who is contracted at 13 years. The reason: she’s been taking acting lessons since she was a child and has shown she can multi-task. “In YoonA’s case it’s due to the fact that she is not contracted as just a singer but as an actress as well.” said a SM representative.

SS501 is contracted for 5 years where as, KARA, is contracted for 7 years.  The reason? Girls are easier to market than males. Although an industry expert says, “Though top groups like TVXQ are omitted from this format, but typically girl groups that have the possibility of venturing into commercials, acting, and modeling tend to have contracts written out that are slightly longer than their male counter parts. It seems the younger they are the better that chances this will happen.”


In my opinion, girls are just easier to market. If a female fails at selling records, they can easily put out a photobook, model, act in CM/dramas, etc. It’s easier to sell the female face and body than a male’s. It’s a proven fact in Japan and I’m sure it’s proven in Korea and Taiwan.

Some may say 13 years is a long time, while it is, if they start off young, they’re usually out of it in their early 20’s or so.  But if you entered in your teens, I can see where it sounded good “at the time”, but to be done with it in your mid 20’s just sounds like jail.

source: NOWNews

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avex’s’ comment on DBSK situation


Avex finally makes a comment on the whole situation concerning DBSK.

“We understand what the media and fans are saying, but we do not have anything to say to them at this time.”

So their comment in short is, “no comment”. This was in concerns to the “A-Nation” concert that is coming up, as to whether or not DBSK will be joining the concert this year. I say forget ’em. Three of five members want out, the other two don’t. If they are having issues let them dissolve it without the pressures of fans and media getting in their faces 24/7. The fast this is resolved, the faster everyone can get over it.

Must be nice to be avex though, they are bigger than SME and can actually get away with stuff like not having a comment. It’s pretty cool though, they commented a whole long sentence just to say they have no comment. Good job guys!

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