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Misaki Izuoka, the POPTEEN winner celebrates

Misaki Izuoka

Happy Birthday to Misaki Izuoka.

The POPTEEN model celebrated her 19th birthday today (9/24 JST) with friends. Her friend Kumiko invited her to go out for dinner to celebrate. To Misaki‘s surprise, Kumiko threw her a surprise birthday party, inviting thirty of Misaki‘s friends to celebrate with her.

She was taken away with the gesture as she wasn’t sure what to say when they all screamed “Congratulations Misaki!!

“The people that I love most threw me a surprise birthday party,” said Misaki, “even though they had work, they came. And I know that they’re all really busy, I’m really grateful that they came. Thank you m(_)m. I’m really happy. I love you all.”

source: misaki’s blog

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otsuka ai

Singer, Otsuka Ai, will be releasing a new best album, “LOVE is BEST” on 11/11. The album contains a new song (title TBA), Amaenbo, Futatsu seikinenichi, One X Time, and Pocket to name a few. The album will have 15 songs, all new versions of her love songs.

First press comes with a DVD and a new recording of the song “One X Time” and six PVs.

The best album release is in conjuction with her nation-wide tour, “Otsuka Ai LOVE is BEST Tour 2009”; which will start on 11/14. Since her tour will be continuing on thru Christmas, they’ve decided to give a present to
couples. A couple will be able to get a 2 for 1 for the Osaka show, so that a people can spend that special time with their significant other or a very important person.

I think that’s pretty nifty for the Osaka show. Good times Aichan, keep working your love songs on all those mushy people during the holidays and make money at the same time. Two birds with one stone equals smartness.

Pre-order: CDJ

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Ayumi is a fangirl!


Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki showed her true colors at A-Nation last weekend. She’s a fangirl for TVXQ (DBSK). Ayumi recently blogged about how much a of a fangirl she is.

“…Chon-san (nickname Ayumi made for herself) went to go watch Tohoshinki’s performance in very very high spirits today. But… Due to a mistake in planning, when I went, they were already on their last song.

So there I am, wearing my Tohoshinki t-shirt, wearing a Tohoshinki towel on my neck, holding a Tohoshinki fan, I’m all totally ready… But tomorrow, I shall have my revenge!”

“…To those asking ‘Why were you holding a Tohoshinki towel?’…
I’M A FAN!♪ They have beautiful singing voices, I fell in love with them in Ehime~.”

ayumi fangrils dbsk

Speaking about the photo above:
[Photo 1] Fully equipped and very energetic♪ And right here, the member whose voice hypnotizes Chon-san the most was singing enthusiastically.♪♪♪ I was feeling way too good, I was shaking.

[Photo 2] Well, this is the last song, and I was a very fired up person.

[Photo 3] Staff coming to visit me while I’m feeling like that, all of my staff was laughing very loudly at my useless style here, lol.

Source: Ayumi’s Blog
translations by ayoofic@livejournal

I laugh at this because she really looks like one of those fangirls you see at those crazy concerts. It’s kind of cute actually to see her like that. I love the expression the staff’s faces’, that is like a priceless kodak moment.

I will predict it now, Ayumi and TVXQ will release a single in the future. This is Ayumi we’re talking about, what Ayumi wants Ayumi gets, and after discovering TVXQ, there’s not way she wouldn’t want to do a collaboration with them. Much like the one Koda Kumi did with TVXQ, but I bet Ayu TVXQ collab will be a ballad. Guaranteed.

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Tohoshinki vol.4

dbsk tvxq

With all that’s going on with TVXQ right now, it’s amazing how label’s will cash in while the pipes hot.

TVXQ will release a new DVD called “History in Japan vol.4“. The DVD is a documentary on their activities in Japan from 2008-2009; on top of their previous release, “All about Tohoshinki Season 3“, earlier this month. That DVD has 6 DVDs, so what could you possibly get in this new one? Probably a lot of backstage and member point-of-view shots that weren’t included in the 6 DVD set? It’s a documentary, what do you expect?

Seems to me that avex and SME are trying to get out as much money as they can before any decision is made by the courts. Because if DBSK loses, there is a 50/50 chance that they will disband, especially if the other two members said they would most likely follow the others. One of the only true ways to get out of a contract is to disband, well in Japan anyways; I’m not too sure if that holds up in Korea, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

How much will this DVD cost you? A whole $42USD. The DVD first press comes with a postcard too. At least you have some incentive?

The DVD will be in stores and available for online delivery on 10/28/09.

Preorder this now at CDJ, you know you want to.

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Welcome Back Maki!

maki goto

Whatever happened to that cute little idol that was the center of attention when “Love Machine” first debuted 10 years ago? Well, she’s not so cute as to say she got hot after leaving Hello! Project. After 2-years of training, Maki Goto finally re-surfaces with a a new mini album, “Sweet Black“. The name reflects the ‘positive and negative’ sides of today’s women.

The mini album is due out 9/16. One track,“Tear Drops with KG,” will be the theme song in a mobile phone drama Onnya,starring 23-year-old model Anne.

Maki left Hello! Project 2 years ago, due to personal conflict with management and now is taking her solo career ‘serious’. She later joined Avex in June of last year.

During her 2-year absence she’s been seen Los Angeles training in dance and vocal with some of Hollywood’s top trainers. She also released three digital singles, and did various side projects that coincide with J-Wave, mixi, and YouTube. She was also a model in Japan’s biggest fashion show, Tokyo Girls Collection on March 7, 2009.

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avex’s’ comment on DBSK situation


Avex finally makes a comment on the whole situation concerning DBSK.

“We understand what the media and fans are saying, but we do not have anything to say to them at this time.”

So their comment in short is, “no comment”. This was in concerns to the “A-Nation” concert that is coming up, as to whether or not DBSK will be joining the concert this year. I say forget ’em. Three of five members want out, the other two don’t. If they are having issues let them dissolve it without the pressures of fans and media getting in their faces 24/7. The fast this is resolved, the faster everyone can get over it.

Must be nice to be avex though, they are bigger than SME and can actually get away with stuff like not having a comment. It’s pretty cool though, they commented a whole long sentence just to say they have no comment. Good job guys!

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