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The MINOZ of Japan get their first taste of Minho

lee minho

Boys over Flower hottie, Lee Minho will hold his first fanclub event in Japan called, “MINOZ JAPAN first event“. This is to comemorate his first fan meeting with his Japanese fans and to the release of his first photobook, “Travel with MINHO“. He will be doing a talk, and a mini live for the fans. Included in that mini live will include his song “My Everything“.

The event will be held at Lemon C.C. Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Fans can get tickets from the Japanese official fanclub, Minoz JAPAN, starting 9.24 at 21:00.

source: wowkorea

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“My Darling is a Foreigner”

Hana Yori Dango star, Mao Inoue will star with actor Jonathan Sherr for a movie adaption of manga, “Darling wa Gakokujin”.

The story is about Saori Oguri’s (mangaka) own life experiences with her husband, American journalist Tony Laszlo. Filming has already started, you can check out more details at the official website. (

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The Boys over Flowers are at it again, this time with a photobook and DVD called “Story of Four Flowers”. The book will contain 36 photo’s, with 168 pages total in the book. The book will be released 9/5 in Japan.



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The “Original” F4 beats out all the rest!

Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, Shan Cai, Mei Zuo, Daoming Si

Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, Shan Cai, Mei Zuo, Daoming Si

Old news is still GOOD news!
The “original” F4 of the popular drama of “Hana Yori Dango” (aka “Meteor Garden”, aka “Boy over Flowers) beat out the rest! I told you all! The Taiwan version can’t be beat! No matter how good looking Yi Jung is!

You know looking at them…. ZaiZai and Jerry hotness, make you wish you were Shan Cai (Xú Xīyuàn)! She’s a lucky girl! She was dotted on time and time again and had sexy arms holding her! I admit it, I’m jealous! I still love you though Xú Xīyuàn!

Doumiyoji Tsuaka/Dao Ming Si/Goo Jun Pyo
Jerry Yan came in first place with 1,200,000 votes and beat out Matsumoto Jun and Lee MinHo.

Hanazawa Rui/Hua Ze Lei/Yoon Ji Hoo
Zhōu Yúmín (aka ZaiZai) came in first place 1,140,000 votes and left Ohguri Shun and Ji Hoo in the dust and tied. Even Yoko Kamio loved him best!

Nishikado Soujirou/Xi Men/Kim Bum
Ken Zhu came in first place 610,000 votes beating out Matsuda Shota and So Yi Jung. (Personally, I loved all three! But YiJung had to grow on me… so did Ken. I would say the netizens got this one wrong!)

The poll was conducted on a blog and I thought I’d share it, because HYD is my favorite manga!

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