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GARA GARA GO!! is still a NO GO!

The PV for their new single “GARA GARA GO!!” is out as well. I have to say, I’m still not diggin’ it. This video is so random, I don’t know where to look. It’s like a messy website: a lot of information, hard to process, don’t know where to focus. The song is eh, I give it an “ok” at best. Only because I’m really tired of hearing them talk about themselves in their own songs. Be original! We KNOW you’re BIG BANG, we know you can dance, we know you can sing, we know you have some style, tell us something we don’t know! I love you guys, but oh my god, you’re like a broken record.

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B to the I to the G BANG


So after a couple of days of slackin off and doing random but somewhat note worthy posts, I bring you BIG BANG (yes again).  This time you get to see them in “SUDDEN ATTACK” the online shooting game and their new PV for “GARA GARA GO!!”




Now for some funny goodness… The random Engrish makes me laugh, other than that they aren’t that bad in the the voice overs.

Since I posted a lot of goodies for Big Bang, I have to post something they fail at. This comment is just full of fails. If you’re going to memorize lines, don’t let it show that you obviously had to memorize them. Also, don’t look to the side and sound lost. Aside for Tae Yang, everyone else sounds lost, like they have no idea what they’re saying.

This comment fails.

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Yukie Nakama is ANTI-DRUGS!

TOKYO Ryu Shionoya, 59, a senior official at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, recently showed off the new anti-drug poster featuring actress Yukie Nakama, 29, that will be put up at junior high schools, high schools and universities around Japan this month. The poster says “NO! DRUG” in English in a large white font, and underneath it says “dame, zettai” – which means something to the effect of not taking them under any circumstances.

The poster targeting drug use among young people coincides with this month’s release of “Gokusen THE MOVIE,” starring Nakama as Kumiko Yamaguchi – mathematics teacher and granddaughter of a yakuza boss – and she is wearing her trademark sports gear in the poster. She is folding her arms and in smaller white font next to her resolute pose is a sentence that says: “Let’s get the courage to stand up and protect those important to us.”

Go Yukie! If you don’t recognize her, you obvisouly don’t watch J-drama’s or Kohaku or any other Japanese TV. She played the teacher in Gokusen… in ALL of them.

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“Anime makes Japan go-round”

anime makes japan happy

Singer, Yaguchi Mari (ex-Morning Musume) and actress Kurayama Chiaki (Kill Bill 1&2) and Katou Natsuki, will take part in Animexx’s new program on the 30th called “Anime makes Japan Happy” (or so translated). The program’s theme is “We love anime” and the girl’s will be talking about their favorite anime’s. From “Slam Dunk” to “Sailormoon”, these girls will show you what you’ve been missing.

I guess this is what you do when you’re a struggling actress/talent in Japan. You do random variety shows that have absolutely nothing to do with your career.

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aisawa hitomi

Aizawa Hitomi (27)

Just for the sake of it, I saw this and thought I’d share it with all of you. This is Aizawa Hitomi, a Gravi Idol, who has the biggest boobs. They look natural too! Almost. If you ask me, if she didn’t have those boobs she’d be working in Kabukicho. Hell she even beat Tanimura Nana who is an H-cup! This post isn’t totally un-music related. She actually released 2 singles, in which I tried to find but to no avail no one likes her enough to put it up on youtube. I did find someone karaoke-ing to her song though. Something has to be said about a 40+ sounding man singing a 28 yr old gravi idol’s song….

Aizawa can actually look down and spell I-CUP and it’d be the truth!

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RIP SLYME x JR Collaboration

Japanese hip hop group RIP SLYME willing be collaborating with JR to bring you all the “Traveling campaign” starting July 1, 2009.

RIP SLYME also just released a new album called “JOURNEY”.

Because when you’re on the JR you always want to hear music that they never play.

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