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SPEED gets a warm welcome


Welcome back!

After six years, Japan’s most popular pop girl group, SPEED, is back and in full effect. They started off their first nation wide tour in Nagoya City Gaisha Hall, along with 7000 fans.

They performed 25 songs, starting with their debut single from 1996, “Body and Soul” and ending with their latest single, “S.P.D.” For an encore they performed “Starting Over.”

I’m really happy to be back on stage with the best members on an awesome stage. Thank you for the warm welcome,” said Eriko Imai.

Hiroko Shimabukuro said, “We’re so excited to see everyone and happy to be back!!

All of us have been taking care of ourselves and are in full health, so we’re happy to see you all”, said Takako Uehara. The oldest, Hitoe Arakaki said, “It’s been a while since we’ve all been on stage together. Thanks.

The last time the girls were seen was in 2004 on 24 hour TV. Even though their fans are in their 20s and 30s, it’s like they never went away.

You know, its times like this, I wish I was still in Japan. I was so sad when they disbanded back in ’03 and I never got to see them. They are back now and touring and I still can’t see them.  Well hopefully they will come out with a DVD of this tour after it’s done. SPEED set the standards for all current J-Pop female groups, they should be eternally grateful to them.

Don’t have any SPEED CDs? Why not get their latest album, “SPEEDLAND – The Premium Best Re Tracks-” with the DVD? Order it at CDJ.

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V-Rock Fest. = The best reunion

la'cryma christi

If asked three years ago if I’d expect La’cryma Christi to make a comeback, I would have said, “Hell no!

Well I was wrong; apparently the band will be reuniting for the V-Rock Festival on 10/24. Now that doesn’t mean they will continue activities. The reunion is only for the V-Rock Festival, depending on the fans reactions will determine whether or not they will continue after the event.

What is the V-Rock Festival? It’s a visual kei event sponsored by Sports Nippon. It is a two day event which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

Honestly with a line-up like this, I’m tempted to go just for the two days to see half of these bands. I honestly didn’t know that half of them were still around either.

If you want to go, you can get tickets via their website. They have an international page for people who don’t read Japanese. (V-Rock Festival)

The line up:
10.24 – Saturday
abingdon boys school
alice nine
ali project
Doremi Dan
La’cryma Christi
Marilyn Manson
Moi dix Mois
Ninja Man Japan
Plastic Tree
Tune Factory (SHOXX band)

10.25 – Sunday
Duel Jewel
exist trace
The GazettE
Toshihiko Takamizawa (w/ band members: gt. Rook Takamura/ANCHANG/KOJI)
Anna Tsuchiya
The Underneath
[_Vani; lla]

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Aya Kamiki is moving to Tokyo

kamiki aya

Singer, Aya Kamiki, has joined the ranks of avex artists. She recently shared the stage in Osaka with DBSK, Ayumi and other avex artists at a-nation ’09. Her previously label GIZA, located in Osaka let her go, and now she has moved to Tokyo to join avex and their wonderful ranks of artistry.

Like all artist that release their first single with a (new) label, her first single will be the opening theme song to “Kamen Rider W” starting 9/6. However, her single will not be released till 11/11, “WBX~W Boiled Extreme”, a collaboration with TAKUYA (ROBO+S).

Aya’s not a bad singer, she’s like the Avril of Japan (if there was going to be one). What gets me though, if the song is going to be used for Kamen Rider W in September, why release it 2 months later?

Oh well, I’m looking forward to it, and you should too.

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K-Pop experimental group CLAZZUQUAI PROJECT will release a new re-mix album called “Mucho Mix” on 10/28. They released their first Japanese album on 7/1, titled “Mucho MUSICA” through Universal Music Japan (UMJ).

Some artists on this re-mix album are DAISHI DANCE, Yasutaka Nakata (capsule), sugiurumn, CLOUD, W, and DJ CLAZZIQUAI.

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TVXQ @ a-nation

a-nation 2009 _logo_

It’s been over a week since a-nation 09, but better late than never, right?  We got our grubby little hands on some photos of TVXQ. I’m not into this group or anything, but I have to say, some of these shots are looking good.

This is a sign that I’ve been writing way too much TVXQ on here. Tell me, should I stop posting TVXQ stuff?

If posting elsewhere please use the following credit and link back. Thanks.

Photos courtesy of Avex Entertainment Inc.

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YUKI brings you a message


It’s been a while, but Judy and Mary’s vocalist is back with a brand new single, “COSMIC BOX.” This will be YUKI’s 19th singles since the band disbanded back in early 2000s.

The song will be the opening to anime, “Magare! Spoon” and will be released on 11/18. The single will also have her original Christmas song, “Message”. First press comes with a DVD of her PV “COSMIC BOX.”

Pre-order: Limited Edition | Regular

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