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We’re back… temporary…

This is our temporary home. Sad? Yes I know, for all those who didn’t read this blog at all are probably wondering what this is about. Well it’s just a normal, doesn’t stand out rants on J-Pop and what not.

And for some, I’ll post this photo so you can remember:



Now for some real news… so… all you fangirls… that went to see YOSHIKI… look at what you did! He lost his hand because of you! But for those of us who don’t want X-Japan back (because their time ended A LONG time ago), have to thank you! Keep it up! We will all be in depted to you!!

Missing a hand!

Missing a hand!

from JapanToday:
The store had posted 20 security guards on crowd control for Yoshiki’s visit. When the Mercedes-Benz carrying the star arrived just after noon, fans screamed in excitement, some with tears in their eyes. Yoshiki was accidentally crushed by a group of swarming fans, and sources say he escaped with sprained fingers on his right hand. He was inside just long enough to sign the shop’s poster for the book, but for about three minutes, his presence turned what is normally a quiet book store into a whirlwind of excitement similar to an X Japan concert.

I’ll put more when I’m not distracted by food.

Back with more news on the 40 yr. old virgin.

So, he wants to perform at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing. Then wants to go to Taiwan and Hong Kong next year. I think he’s still under the assumption that he can sell out a stadium. Were the events of last year not clear enough when you couldn’t even pull off the concert in Paris?

‘‘We don’t yet know when, but possibly next year. We will definitely do it,’’…. ‘‘I cannot believe the concert has been put off. I wish we could have heard good news.’’

No you won’t. You ask for so much! Maybe if you weren’t asking for I don’t know, an arm and a leg and more, maybe you’d be able to play as planned! Don’t kid yourself Shiki! You’re not 25, hell you’re not even 30 anymore! You’re old fans have moved on! Stop trying to rob their children too!

But on that note, we hope that maybe one day your current dream will come true. Because you know, it’s not like you don’t have a private jet, model friends, houses in three or more countries or anything.

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