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YG join’s the band wagon

asia song festival

It’s been announced that Big Bang and 2NE1 will join the Asia Song Festival 2009 on 9/19 at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul.  They will join other artists from all over Asia, including Gackt and mihimaru GT from Japan, Chris Lee from China, Show Luo (Taiwan), Ekin Cheng (HK), K-OTIC (Thailand), Ho Ngoc Ha (Vietnam), Agnes Monica (Indonesia) and Ruslana from Ukraine.  Joining Big Bang and 2NE1 from Korea are Girl’s Generation and Super Junior.

Asia Song Festival 2009

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Other agencies’ exclusivity contracts


Because of the whole situation with DBSK, some news sites have gone and done their own investigative reporting to see how well the other top acts fared in their exclusivity contracts.

SM Ent : 6-13 years
JYP : 7 years
YG : 5 years
DSP : 5-7 years


Yoona of SNSD is the only one of the 9 girls who is contracted at 13 years. The reason: she’s been taking acting lessons since she was a child and has shown she can multi-task. “In YoonA’s case it’s due to the fact that she is not contracted as just a singer but as an actress as well.” said a SM representative.

SS501 is contracted for 5 years where as, KARA, is contracted for 7 years.  The reason? Girls are easier to market than males. Although an industry expert says, “Though top groups like TVXQ are omitted from this format, but typically girl groups that have the possibility of venturing into commercials, acting, and modeling tend to have contracts written out that are slightly longer than their male counter parts. It seems the younger they are the better that chances this will happen.”


In my opinion, girls are just easier to market. If a female fails at selling records, they can easily put out a photobook, model, act in CM/dramas, etc. It’s easier to sell the female face and body than a male’s. It’s a proven fact in Japan and I’m sure it’s proven in Korea and Taiwan.

Some may say 13 years is a long time, while it is, if they start off young, they’re usually out of it in their early 20’s or so.  But if you entered in your teens, I can see where it sounded good “at the time”, but to be done with it in your mid 20’s just sounds like jail.

source: NOWNews

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Se7en’s career revived!


The biggest KPop site, AllKPop, on the net who works closely with Se7en’s U.S. management, Red Queen Media (RQM), released a statement earlier that would literally change Se7en’s career.

RQM and AKP work together to help bring massive attention to Se7en’s career here in the U.S.. RQM informed the site that, YG Entertainment (Se7en’s Korean Management) pulled the Korean star from the U.S. and won’t be returning at all. In short there will be no more future plans for Se7en in America.

“For two and a half long years, Red Queen Media worked extensively behind the scenes with an extremely limited budget to gain traction in the US market for Se7en. Things were looking up for him as he recently scored the “Joint of the day” on BET’s 106 & Park.

In addition, our source at Red Queen Media stated:
“Things were looking great for Se7en. Johnny Wright was going to co-manage his career, we setup deals for Se7en to record a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. We even had Se7en scheduled to sing the national anthem live at an upcoming Dodgers game, as well as present an award at the BET Awards show.”

RQM also stated:
“It’s really disheartening, we really felt Se7en was the best candidate to represent Asians in the US. We truly believed he would’ve been the first to break through the US market, especially with all of the collaborations and events we had lined up. It’s unfortunate that YG Entertainment turned down all of these opportunities, but we are still hoping for the best and that they come to the realization of how important this is for Se7en’s career.”

Thus was the news as of 11:55PM (EST).

This “breaking news” spread like wildfire throughout the Korean Media and news reports all over including media publications such as Newsen, ISPlus, StarNews, DAUM, etc. have reported on this and have forced YG to release a statement. YG claims that what AKP has released is false and just rumors, that Se7en will be returning to the U.S.

Although, I would take what YG says with a grain of salt, because anyone who works with managements, know that they like to spin things and do major ‘damage control’.

Seriously, Se7en and Justin Timberlake, who in their right minds turns down a collab with JT? Apparently YG, until a few moments ago that is. I’m not a huge Se7en fan, I do like his music, but I’m not a die hard fan or anything.  I do admit, RQM has it when they say that Se7en is probably one of the very few candidates to represent Asians in the U.S..

Thanks to AllKPop, Se7en’s career is now “revived”.

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