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Keita’s aiming for the porn industry?


Oh Keita, its about time. No that wasn’t a stab at the title, but at what you’re about to read. Although I knew that title would get a majority of you.

It’s about time we found something on someone else other than a Jyani’s boy. Keita Tachibana of w-inds. is rumored to be ‘aiming‘ for an actress, N-san.

There were previous rumors of him and Aya Matsura being really close friends and at one point dating. After Keita made w-inds. cancel some of their shows due to him getting bronchitis, rumor has it that he’s been seen with Aya again.

Keita is a bit of a playboy, and would disappear with a girl from time to time. Even if the girl is there and doesn’t want to… this time the girl didn’t even go to the goukon, and she usually does“, said a staff member.

It’s normal to see people and invite them goukon’s if you see them at work. Now a days, you see a lot of pretty boys down at Shibuya Station rent mansion’s (apartments) that cost around 35,000yen, because of the location. Keita’s also been seen riding in fancy cars, it seems he’s become one of them. Chances are he met the girl at a goukon and seems to be one of “Namie Amuro’s good friend”, which he finds appealing.

Amuro doesn’t really hate anyone, whether or not they are actually good friends, I’m not so sure. But no matter where she’s at, she’s always singing Amuro songs. I’m not even sure if she buys her albums, but I really do want to see hear her sing those songs in karaoke.

It seems he’s got a thing for girls in the office, who are older.

Whenever he see’s a cute girl on TV, he’ll ask someone to introduce him to her.

The latest seems to be this actress, N-san. He seemed to be in a trance when he saw N-san, and asked a friend to introduce him to her.

This person is different from Aya, so it’s not her. This girl (N-san) is in a completely different industry than Keita and a different kind of actress than Aya. So the likely hood of bringing down and finding out who it is, is unlikely.

Different kind of actress? Oh Keita, we know you watch porn, but really, an AV actress? I know you can do better than that. We all know how low quality porn is in that country and the girls. Unless it was foreign porn, then maybe. Oh well, happy hunting to those who want to know who it is. If you do, please share the nasty photos with the rest of us.

source: tantei

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Jaejoong expresses his feelings for Keita

keita jaejoong

What is Boys Pop Factory? It’s a yearly event that has some of the hottest male singers in J-Pop today and part of that was close friends Keita (w-inds.) and Jaejoong along with Yoochun (TVXQ). There were other artists but I’m only touching base with these three. As to why Ryo and Ryuichi of w-inds. wasn’t there, I do not know; but I’m sad and at the same time, w-inds. has become just Keita, so it’s not like they were really missing anyone.

Keita performed 4 songs, two of which were w-inds. songs, “Everyday” and “Kirei da“. The other two were performed with Sakazaki Kounosuke.

Jaejoong and Yoochun sang “Been so long” by m-flo, “Begin“, “Rainy Blue” and “COLORS~Melody and Harmony~” with Sakazaki Kounosuke.

boys pop factory

When Jaejoong and Yoochun spoke of Keita during their MC. Stating, “I’m close friends with Keita!” and that they “…go karaoke together and sing 20 songs”, and noted that “…maybe that’s why Keita got sick…?!“.

Yoochun replied in a surpsing manner, “Keita doesn’t drink sake!?

Nope, he doesn’t.”  Then he continues listing stuff they did, “we went to Tokyo Tower together“.  Jaejoong describes,  “Keita’s a very unique friend; one of a kind in Japan“; supposedly Jaejoong was ‘laying his feelings down on the stage and looking very happy‘.

It was known earlier from Keita, that he is very close friends with Jaejoong. So close that even during rehearsal and in the dressing room, those two were two peas in a pod.

Now if only GD was back in Japan, I bet he’d be stuck on GD too. Oh well, one can only hope that if that does happen it’s Keita going to Korea and not GD back in Japan.

Check out Jae and Yoo at Boys Pop Factory night.

Although I’m not a fan of TVXQ, listening to these makes me want to listen to Lead‘s live all over again. Something about Jae’s voice or the way he sings, makes me want to poke my eyes out.

credit: fan report: hami
summarization/translation: vi

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The truth about Big Bang and G-Dragon’s debuts’

big bang

Just a few more days and you all can get your Big Bang and G-Dragon fix. Both of them will be dropping their debut albums this week (Big Bang for their Japanese debut and GD for his solo debut).

While we all heard GD‘s sneak peek’s he’s been dropping, previews of Big Bang‘s album has hit the net already. While I’m not prone to them in Japan, whatever floats their boat. Honestly, they just need to release a whole English album and just have it release state side. They’re English isn’t horrible and I can already see them on BET. Yes, you read that right, BET, because you know, BET is probably the best place for them. Maybe MTV, but let’s be honest, BET’s audience is Big Bang’s style.

Now for the reality check, the harsh, yet truth about their albums, as said by me. Take the album review with a grain of salt, because everyone has their own opinons.

Big Bang‘s titled, “Bringing you Love.”, but really, I’m not feeling the love. Three of the eleven tracks are Japanese remakes of their Korean songs and the rest of the songs just are not up to par. I like dance tracks, but they also sound like recycled beats from their Korean dance songs. Why couldn’t they stay Hip Hop/R&B? I feel like they’ve degraded somehow. This is why I say they should have stayed in Korea and not gone to Japan. I realize YG is trying to make more money, but really, they couldn’t get any better songs? This album sounds rushed and slapped together. Much like SNSD‘s 2nd mini album that was released back in June. It’s more of quantity over quality, because they know fans will buy it either way. Even though I bought it (for support), at least I didn’t want to return it like I did with w-inds.s’ “Single Mega Mix” that came out a couple of years ago.  That was just a pure waste of money and till this day, I still want my money back for that cd. After listening to it, the only one I like so far is, Stay.  Also looking at the track list, it seems like their mini indie albums they released last year are better than this Japanese debut album. Sorry Big Bang, I love you and all, but I think you need better producers or GD you need to step it up. I know your busy and all with your solo, but seriously, your solo could wait, the group can’t.

As for Jiyong’s debut solo album, HEARTBREAKER, hearing some of the previews he’s released, I don’t know if I’m looking forward to this cd. I like Jiyong, but his style is the same and he’s not even original anymore. His rap and flow just aren’t that diverse. At least T.O.P can change it up, even if it’s a tiny bit, at least it’s a change. The music he produces, sounds the same in almost every song. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Lies”, “Haru Haru” and “Heaven”. They all sound the same. Even “We belong together”, “This Love”, “Forever With You”, etc. I could name a few more but really that’s all I can list and you all get my point. Also, no matter what you biased fangirls’ say, some of his music on there are borrowed beats. I won’t go as far as to say that he plagerized, but if you can’t even hear the similarities then you need to clean your ears more throughly. If you think he can drop it like its hot, that’s fine.  From a person who loves music and has awesome musicality, he did recycle beats. Get over it.

I say all this with love.

Pre-order BB’s new album at CD Japan: Limited | Regular

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w-inds. “SWEET FANTASY” is delayed


For the first time ever since their debut in 2001, w-inds. has cancelled a live in the middle of its performance. Their Sweet Fantasy tour performance in Kanagawa Prefecture was canceled during an MC, which followed the song “COLOR ME” on August 7, 2009.

w-inds. has had a perfect tour every year since 2003. The news came to a shock to everyone when members, Ryohei and Ryuichi MC-ed for over 20 minutes, and Keita still had not come back on stage.

“They sang up until “COLOR ME”, and at the MC, both Ryo and Ryu were there together and they announced that Keita had to go to the hospital because of bronchitis, therefore the live was being canceled. The fans are going to get reimbursed for their tickets on the 31st.

Because of the situation, the tour will be on hold for a few weeks. Fans will get to chose to transfer their tickets or receive a refund. It was also announced by Keita’s that he will get at least 2 weeks rest and treatment for the bronchitis.

Pony Canyon has announced the change in dates for their tour:

Kanagawa Prefectural hall – August 31st & October 25th
Omiya Sonic City – September 23rd & 25

Keita has also posted a personal apology to the fans:
I apologize for the cancelation at todays live at Kanagawa, Omiya.

Because of excessive coughing and singing while coughing, I could no longer control my voice. Also my body was not receiving enough oxygen, so it was decided to cancel the live.

I feel ashamed as a professional for not being able to finish the performance.

A lot of you were looking for to today’s live, and many came from far places too. I will definitely make it up to you all in the future. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I will focus on getting better and recover to stand on stage next to you all, and give you better performances.

Please wait…

Keita Tachibana

Personally, I’m sad that he felt that he needed to blog about it. I thought you were supposed to be resting Keita? Although I haven’t been paying attention to w-inds. as of late, they are still one of my favorites and I understand Keita’s situation all too well.

We hope you get better! w-inds. is not w-inds. without you, literally. Take care of yourself and get better. I don’t think 2 weeks is long enough for you to get better, but I guess it’s all you can do when management is thinking they have control over your health.

Much love Keita!

w-inds. fighting!

source: keita’s blog, vichan, kyameru

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Keita and JaeJoong are close friends!

dbsk fans on crack

These are some (pyschotic) dedicated DBSK fans, because they are blocking the road to SME’s building.  Why oh why would you do this? I mean think of all the dirt and nasties on the road from the cars and people walking on it. At least put a mat or a towel on the ground girls. Seriously, how do you expect to marry one of them if you they know you have bugs and flees on you like a hobo? I’d be worried about getting an un-even tan and things other than lice in my hair. Who knows what be flying around in the air and what’s lying in that gravel that can crawl up in your ear, hair and your cherry! OMG there’d be more than just crabs in there now!

Thanks to Amy for the correction on the photo above. I got it from a blog, but I didn’t cite the blog because I couldn’t remember what blog I got it from. Amy says its a sech-skies fans. But all the same, they’re still crazy for doing that. So I still stand by what I said above, just hope that DBSK fans arn’t that crazy.

On a happier note, check out Keita (w-inds.) and Jaejoong. Man Keita, you get around! You’re friends with G-Dragon and apparently he’s really close friend’s with JaeJoong! So close, they go to Tokyo Tower together.

Are you trying to surround yourself with only good looking guys? You know that’d be an interesting combo to see if they all did something together. I think it’d be like w-inds. because Keita can’t really dance as good as the other two. I laugh because for some reason they all have the same hair color and style almost. Or it looks like Keita is trying to match the other two. He did say and I quote, “My closest friend who is beautiful and cool, Jaejoong.”  I am surprised though, they are almost the same height, that or Keita‘s slouching, but I don’t think so.

This was taken at Tokyo Tower yesterday or sometime earlier this week.
keita jaejoong

GD keita

source: keita’s blog

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w-inds.’ Sweet Fantasy Ruined!

Fans of the popular group, w-inds., have been causing an uproar since their Yokohama live. The group started their summer tour, SWEET FANTASY, and this time included female dancers in their show. Apparently they weren’t welcomed. The fans were so mad at the group as well as the dancers that they actually “Boo-ed” the group and the girls. At one point Ryohei didn’t want to sing, and Ryuichi was supposed to sing in his place but he didn’t want to, and Keita got “booo-ed” while singing.

A fan report states, “The girls were REALLY PISSED because at one part, keita and the girl fake kiss behind a screen, and then in another part, keita bends the girl over doggy style and roughs her up, and then in YET ANOTHER part, keita’s sitting on two chairs while the two girls molest him.”

Netizens who went to the Yokohama live are raving mad and have continuously made their voice heard not just at the concert but online as well through their blogs. Numerous reports of angry fans equals a no-no. Because of the feedback (if you want to call it that) that has been received, one of the dancers, achi has blogged about it and it seems they changed the scenes. He’s even had to delete comments because of such negative feedback from the w-inds.’ fans.

A recent live report from a fan says “Upside Downのすりガラスのシーンは慶太君がソファに座って歌って すりガラスのキスシーンはダンサーさんに変わりました。 女性ダンサーさんとの絡みはなくなりました。” ((Upside Down is the name of the song) The glass scene with Keita sitting down singing with the girl and is “kissing” her has been change. The two don’t even touch.”)

In short, the fans ruined w-inds.’ first show of the tour and their sweet fantasy. It’s no secret that w-inds., especially Keita, is a huge fan of Big Bang and I believe they were trying to do more of their style of things, especially adding the female dancers. Alas it did not work. I’m sure the random chair in the pamphlet had significance too. Because of those Japanese fans, w-inds. now has to re-organize a bit. All those months of preparations gone down the drain.

The two dancer girls are the middle and right side. They belong to a crew called, Squall Noize and are regulars on the hip hop dance show, SUPER CHAMPLE.

You girls need to get over it, the guys are going to be 26 and 25 years old, if they haven’t gotton laid by now, I’d be worried. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all have girlfriends. Honestly, I would have paid to see that. Keita holding a girl doggy style? I could only imagine what he was thinking during rehearsal and during the show. He was probably thinking, “Is this how you do it?”.

What I’m not understanding is Big Bang, KAT-TUN, DBSK and other groups use female dancers and some in a more explicit way, and get a way with it. w-inds. does it ONCE and they get black balled. I can kind of understand the mentality though, only a bit. w-inds. dominates Asia in terms of popularity. They are #1 in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, in terms of being the “best overseas group in Asia”. (They won several awards for this in each country.) Up until the 1st show, they’ve never displayed any females in their shows, thus making them more “unique” in that sense, since they are one of the few boy bands that didn’t use females at all.

What I do laugh upon is that all the overseas fans are OK with the female dancers. I for one was happy they finally added females. I mean watching 8 guys dance to a song called “Crazy for you” is just plain wrong and gay. While all the Japanese fans are furious. Well at least now w-inds. knows that they’re Japanese fans are all 미치다. If you don’t know that go look it up.

The tour is called “SWEET FANTASY” for a reason! get over it! You’re all just jealous because he wasn’t doing that to you.

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