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Here are some up coming releases from VF Artist: MAX, DA PUMP, Nana Tanimura, AKB Idoling!!!

MAX will be releasing a new single 7/22/09 called, “Rough Cut Diamond”.  It’s been 3 years since their last summer dance number. I’m excited for this! Mina is back and all is right with the world… well at least in the JPop world of girl bands.

【CD+DVD】 Y1800 (AVCD-16182/B)
【CDのみ】 Y1050 (AVCD-16181)

Track list
01: ラフカット ダイアモンド
02: The Power Of Love
03: ラフカット ダイアモンド (Instrumental)
04: The Power Of Love (Instrumental)
01:ラフカット ダイアモンド <MUSIC CLIP>

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