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Kusumi Koharu Graduates


Morning Musume. member Kusumi Koharu (17) will be graduating from Morning Musume. in December, and her last performance with the group will be on 12/6.

Tsunku has stated that there are plans for Koharu to go solo and start solo activities.

Like many others before her, Morning Musume. rotates it’s members, thus when these members “graduate” a new, younger girl is brought in to replace her.

Meaning Tsunku has more girls on the natto and curry diet. I really need to try that one of these weeks.

source: sanspo

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Melon is the new Rock

melon kinenbi

This is a test for all Hello! Project fans. Did you recognize these 4 lovely ladies at the drop of a hat? If you did, I give you props, because even I didn’t recognize Melon Kinenbi in their rugged, rock band look. Might I add, I love it.

Hello! Project group, Melon Kinenbi is back and rockin’ hard collaborating with THE COLLECTORS, to bring you “Seishun on the road.”

Melon Kinenbi has done collabs with BEATCRUSADERS and Midori who is their senpai, in the past. This new collaboration is going back old school, classical ‘60s UK rock, but with a modern style.

This single is a Tower Records only release, so if you want it, it’s the only place to get it; or you can wait till it goes up on Yahoo! Auctions Japan. It drops 10/21. THE COLLECTORS will hold an event at the Harajuku Astro Hall with Melon Kinenbi called, “MELON LOUNGE.”

I can’t wait for it, I don’t listen to them, but with a different look and appeal, I will sure be there when the PV comes out.

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Morning Musume and Crunchyroll?

Tsunku has done it again, this time with online stream site, Crunchyroll.

The group will send a message to all their fans around the world via Crunchyroll on 8/20, 12:00PM PST.

Within the last days of their live concert shows at the Nakano Sun Plaza, celebrated lead group of Hello! Project, MORNING MUSUME., will be sending out a special message to all their fans via the number one online destination for Anime and Asian Entertainment Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll Kabushiki Kaisha president Mr. Vince Shortino states, “I am extremely pleased and honored to be working with Hello! Project. Morning Musume. is an amazing band with a worldwide following. By utilizing Crunchyroll to communicate with fans, I truly feel that Crunchyroll can help bring the global fans of Morning Musume. closer.

Not that I hate Morning Musume., cause I really don’t. I actually like the old MomuSu members better than this new set. I’m just wondering why they would do it with Crunchyroll and not some place like Youtube. Youtube has way more hits and the advertisement would hit a broader audience. Crunchyroll targets anime fans. Youtube on the other hand just has everyone.

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