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Tae Yang & Thelma “Fall in Love”

While we haven’t updated in a very long time, we apologize. We have some what busy schedules, but we are posting today to share the PV sneak peak and leak of Aoyama Thelma and Tae Yang’s collaboration “Fall in Love.”

We like the song too~ it’s pretty catchy! Even though it’s a bit cliche, its okay! We still recommend this song.

Thanks to the people who uploaded these!

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100 V.I.P’s GET THESE!

Here are the CD’s that 100 fans will get during Big Bang’s “My Heaven” campaign in Japan.


Let me just tell you.. I want one of each!! Then I’d sell them because I’m poor. Just kidding! I’d keep them of course! But, they sure are hard at work. Can you imagine just sitting there signing 20 CDs? How mundane that must have been.

Is it me or is TOP in dire need of a haircut? It’s OK TOP, get my email from kkei and I can be your stylist too, if he doesn’t mind sharing me with you.

Here’s a photo of BB with Thelma Aoyama from the MTVJ Awards. She must be really short, because we all know Yongbae is really. But looking at this photo, if we can figure out her height we’d know how tall Yongbae really is. HA!

BB Thelma

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