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w-inds. in “Another World”

w-inds. new album which will be released on 2010.3.10 is titled “Another World”.

This album will contain 15 songs including all singles plus a new version of “Rain is Fallin’” which was performed at their 2009 Fan Club event.

First press for the CD only will come with a w-inds. x USAVICH IC card sticker.

“Another World”
Release date: 2010.3.10
Cat# PCCA-3127 (CD Only); PCCA-3126 (CD+DVD)
Tracks: 15
Pre-order: CDJ [Regular Edition | Limited Edition]

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w-inds. X Big Bang cam whoring

Here are some screen caps of w-inds. and Big Bang cam whoring at the VMAJ09. Just look at Yongbae and JiYong, even Seungri, soo cute smiling! kkei’s got a cute smile too just not with that hair. But all I want to be in that group moment! Seeing them in concert… a crap load of money. These kodak moments…. priceless.

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