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Rock star Sugizo has finally come back releasing two new singles today, “FATIMA” and “DO-FUNK DANCE.” ┬áThe ex-Luna Sea member has done countless side projects and done a few gigs here in the states.

SUGIZO’s cosmic symphonic poetry is an “electro dance groove” born from craving and longing. This song depicts the words of FATIMA, the goddess who weaves all life together.

While it’s taken a while for him to come out with something, it’s been three years since he said he was going to release any solo works… and I love it.

Last December he did release “MESSIAH” and “TELL ME WHY YOU HIDE THE TRUTH?” but it was only available on iTunes download and ranked #1 and #2 on the Electronic ranking charts.

To be honest it’s really awesome rave music. It’s electronic and trance with awesome guitar skills. If you don’t know, this man has mad skills on the violin and guitar.

Listen to the new music of SUGIZO of 2010…

source: official website

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Never thought I’d see all their names in one place.

So I never thought I’d see all their names in one place, only because the genre’s are different. Out of MusiQ magazine will feature w-inds., Big Bang, SUGIZO and GACKT. I know he’s on the cover, but the mag would have sold more if it was any of the other 3 artists. Who wouldn’t want to see 3-5 hot looking guys on the cover? Maybe they were on a budget?

I don’t see how people think Gackt’s hot, he’s old and has way too much make up. His music has gone down the tubes and he became a role model for KAT-TUN’s Ueda (botox boy). Clearly there is something wrong with netizens. I do give him props though he can still make chonies wet at his age, even if I don’t understand it.

Excerpt from the mag:
GACKT will have a 25PG LONG Interview (yeah way too long).

Big Bang will have an interview revealing their charms, their words, etc. This will be one hot long interview.

SUGIZO will talk about his DVD, his work with X-Japan and collaboration with the Blue Man Group.

It’s not on their site, but on the mag it has the name of w-inds. summer tour, “SWEET FANTASY”. How sweet it is! I just hope their dances are and playlist live up to it. That 2007 tour was so bad, I couldn’t sit through half of it. I suppose it was expected since I watched it after watching Lead’s 2007, which was 100x better than w-inds.
It’s also funny MusiQ’s website the spelled G-Dragon, G-DORAGON. It’s not misspelled if you’re citing it directly from Katakana.

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