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2NE1 in Sudden Attack

sudden attack 2NE1

Photo’s of 2NE1 in the first player, male dominated game, SUDDEN ATTACK have been released. The girls look fly and ready to kick some butt. If I played this game, I would play Bom, she looks classy.

suddenattack-bom 2NE1suddenattack-dara 2NE1suddenattack-cl 2NE1
suddenattack-minzy 2NE1

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2NE1’s Sudden Attack!


Make way for the ladies of YG as they set foot into the male dominated game, Sudden Attack.

Earlier this year, Big Bang joined Rain in joining the ranks of being a celebrity as characters in the game. Now 2NE1 will be made into characters for one of Korea’s most popular shooting games.

Doesn’t that poster look hot? CL looks badd ass, Minzy would too if she didn’t look so young. Bom looks a classy assasin from a Bond movie and Dara looks like she’s ready to hurt someone. Some netizens are speculating just how well the foursome will do. I on the other hand, is waiting to see some female domination. Kick some arses girls, show them who their mommy daddy is now.

source: yg_twentyone@lj

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B to the I to the G BANG


So after a couple of days of slackin off and doing random but somewhat note worthy posts, I bring you BIG BANG (yes again). ┬áThis time you get to see them in “SUDDEN ATTACK” the online shooting game and their new PV for “GARA GARA GO!!”




Now for some funny goodness… The random Engrish makes me laugh, other than that they aren’t that bad in the the voice overs.

Since I posted a lot of goodies for Big Bang, I have to post something they fail at. This comment is just full of fails. If you’re going to memorize lines, don’t let it show that you obviously had to memorize them. Also, don’t look to the side and sound lost. Aside for Tae Yang, everyone else sounds lost, like they have no idea what they’re saying.

This comment fails.

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