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Is Tsuyoshi Takeshiro going to war for wife Erika Sawajiri?

After the news of her dismissal from her agency, Erika Sawajiri‘s husband, Takesiro, has hired a lawyer to look at Erika’s contract. He says that this whole mess started after they (Erika and he) attended the solar eclipse festival in Amami-oshima back in July. Also that this is supposedly the ‘direct’ cause of her dismissal as well as (maybe) all the criticism that has been massed produced in the media and on blogs.

Sawajiri was expected to make a comeback in a new movie called Osawagase Jyou. But with all the bad press and criticisms, a comeback for Erika seems highly unlikely.

An insider said that, “When she came back it wasn’t for business. She went to visit Yuu Abiru, she even stayed at her place. Her brother (note: I’m not sure whose brother, it doesn’t say), was seen at a store in Shinbashi. But anyways, it seems as though they were just hanging out.

Putting aside all the rumors about Sawajiri, she seems to be “really close friends” with Yuu Abiru and Shoko Nakagawa. So its natural that she’d go hang out with them once she came back [to Tokyo].

“Sawajiri’s agency is really strict when it comes to scandals, especially to its male talents. They weren’t even sure what to do about the previous rumors about Sawajiri. But with everything that’s been popping up lately [the incident with the bicycle and being suspected of being charged with a traffic law violation], its like “see ya…,” said an entertainment office manager.

While it was questionable on whether or not it was Sawajiri at the airport (because of her ‘disguise’), the aura just screamed out “celebrity” and it did look like her.

Note: This isn’t a full translation of everything that was written, just a synopsis. But the title of the article is, “Too late! Is Sawajiri’s husband going to war?

source: tanteifile

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