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SuJu and SS501 @ Taipei

Super Junior, with the exception of Kibum, will be taking part in Taiwan Golden Melody Awards with 12 members.

SS501 will be lead by leader Kim Hyun Joong to meet fans in Taiwan.

South Korea’s top 2 idol groups Super Junior and SS501, will be arriving on 27th noon to take part in Golden Melody Awards and hold a fan meeting respectively, but according to credible sources, both groups’ flight will arrive at 11:05am together, and it’s expected that fans will create a chaos.

One group for Golden Melody, one group for fan meeting
This time Super Junior will be missing 1 member, Kibum will not be following due to drama preparations, it’ll be the first visit to Taiwan for pretty boy Heechul, and the group of 12 is expected to arrive on 27th noon to participate in the red carpet of the Golden Melody Awards on the same day, they’ll also be performing songs from their new album such as “It’s you”, “Sorry, sorry” etc.

SS501 is led by leader Kim Hyun Joong, who has become immensely popular due to his participation in Korean drama “Boys over Flowers”, the group of 5 will be here to take part in the fan meeting held at Taipei International Convention Center on the 28th, 7pm, it’s also expected that in the 3 day 2 night trip to Taiwan they’ll be conducting interviews with print and electronic media.

Currently, Super Junior and SS501’s fans have started quarreling online, with everyone arguing on which flights the groups will be arriving on, and even though the organisers have not released their flight details, but both groups have activities on the 27th, so they’ll have to arrive in Taiwan before noon to make it on time.

Different flights with same arrival time in Taiwan
There are only 2 flights departing from Seoul’s Incheon Airport and arriving in Taipei, which is Cathay Pacific’s CX42 and China Airlines CI9037/Korean Air KE691 alliance flight, both with a 11:05am arrival time, and also arriving at Terminal 1, therefore, the weekend then will surely be filled with fans excitingly welcoming and chasing their idols.

source: libertytimes
translation: quainte501

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SS501 strikes a pose

At the Asia Pacific Super Model Competition, and it’s not a very good one, well at least for 2 of the members. Hyun Joong and Young Saeng look like they scared outta their pants. Hyun Joong also looks old and worked to the bone. DSP wtf are you doing to him? He was so cute in BOF, now he looks like he’s ready to retire. You would think being around all those “super models” you’d be a bit more happy. If cute, pretty or sexy girls can’t even get you to smile, you’re either 1) gay or 2) lost about a week’s worth of sleep and is about ready to collapse.

The best for last:

OK truth be told, I don’t know who’s who in this group except for Hyun Joong and Jung Min.

source: Newsen, omntd@lj

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