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Beat Feaks & SHINEE

This is just too awesome for words. Beat Freaks I LOVE YOU! You were robbed at ABDC!

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Onew and Jessica’s “One Year Later”

SHINee’s Onew and SNSD’s Jessica bless their fans with a duet entitled, “One Year Later“. The song is descirbed as, “sweet and warm vocals are featured in the pop song… creating a harmonious, illusion-like duet.”

source: soompi, translation by amourette

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Tiffany, Yuri, SHINEE & 2PM

Here are photo’s I cam across of SHINEE and 2PM backstage with Tiffany and Yuri on the set of Music Core.

I don’t know but those hair styles and color look odd. They are screaming for help. You know I helped kkei with his style about 2 years ago, why don’t you let me be your stylist too. Because we all know kkei (aka Keita) needed the help when he was going solo. Just think, a free stylist an in return you won’t look like you guys are on crack. kkei appreciated it, well it was more his fans that apprecited my help. Go ask him, GD should have his number since they’re friends.

source: omgtd@lj

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