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Sayaka Ichii makes a comeback!

sayaka ichii

Everyone just seems to be making a come back this year end. kannivalism is back, now former Morning Musume. and Pucchi Moni member, Sayaka Ichii (25) is making her comeback today (8/25 JST), but not on stage, on screen.

Sayaka has been training this past year, focusing on acting, as her goal is become more of an actress. Even so, she will be starting out as a TV personality and will most likely resume her singing career.

Her first appearance is scheduled for 8/30 on Sunday Japon and will participate in next month’s Tokyo Girls Collection as a model on 9/5. She also opened her official blog, because like everyone else they need one to keep all their stalkers fans informed of their private lives.

Good luck Sayaka, hope your comeback is a success in this time of recession.

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