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Keita’s aiming for the porn industry?


Oh Keita, its about time. No that wasn’t a stab at the title, but at what you’re about to read. Although I knew that title would get a majority of you.

It’s about time we found something on someone else other than a Jyani’s boy. Keita Tachibana of w-inds. is rumored to be ‘aiming‘ for an actress, N-san.

There were previous rumors of him and Aya Matsura being really close friends and at one point dating. After Keita made w-inds. cancel some of their shows due to him getting bronchitis, rumor has it that he’s been seen with Aya again.

Keita is a bit of a playboy, and would disappear with a girl from time to time. Even if the girl is there and doesn’t want to… this time the girl didn’t even go to the goukon, and she usually does“, said a staff member.

It’s normal to see people and invite them goukon’s if you see them at work. Now a days, you see a lot of pretty boys down at Shibuya Station rent mansion’s (apartments) that cost around 35,000yen, because of the location. Keita’s also been seen riding in fancy cars, it seems he’s become one of them. Chances are he met the girl at a goukon and seems to be one of “Namie Amuro’s good friend”, which he finds appealing.

Amuro doesn’t really hate anyone, whether or not they are actually good friends, I’m not so sure. But no matter where she’s at, she’s always singing Amuro songs. I’m not even sure if she buys her albums, but I really do want to see hear her sing those songs in karaoke.

It seems he’s got a thing for girls in the office, who are older.

Whenever he see’s a cute girl on TV, he’ll ask someone to introduce him to her.

The latest seems to be this actress, N-san. He seemed to be in a trance when he saw N-san, and asked a friend to introduce him to her.

This person is different from Aya, so it’s not her. This girl (N-san) is in a completely different industry than Keita and a different kind of actress than Aya. So the likely hood of bringing down and finding out who it is, is unlikely.

Different kind of actress? Oh Keita, we know you watch porn, but really, an AV actress? I know you can do better than that. We all know how low quality porn is in that country and the girls. Unless it was foreign porn, then maybe. Oh well, happy hunting to those who want to know who it is. If you do, please share the nasty photos with the rest of us.

source: tantei

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Who’s that girl?

I’m going to call this person B-san, because it’s anonymous. So B-san has brought us some new news regarding KAT-TUN member, Akanishi Jin.

Apparently Jin has been spotted at a bar in Roppongi with a happa (1/2 Japanese) girl. It seems like the two have been good friends for a while as they were seen drinking together.

From what B-san says, the same thing happened with another girl at previously. It was just past midnight and she saw the owner of the shop happily chatting with him and some friends that include Yamapi, Ryo Nishikido and Shirota Yuu and the guards. It seems like everyone was having a good time, because the table was filled with foreigners as well.

That same girl is now being seen with Jin in a cap to cover her face, had fair skin and looked pretty. The girl was also seen dancing on the table and Jin and co seemed to enjoy watching her.

B-san couldn’t really understand, but says that Jin, the girl and the staff were talking in Japanese and English.

From an insider, the girl is a ½ Japanese studying in America and returned to Tokyo for summer vacation. Also that Jin seems to have met this girl in America and meets her whenever he is off.

C-san, (we’ll call the source), also stated, “Not only in Los Angeles, but it looks like they met in New York once and in Hawai’i.

This new girl is also the talks of the new “girlfriend” and they’ve been seeing each other for a while. Which kind of goes with B-san’s earlier statement saying that they seem like good friends?

It seems to be a trend with JE members that having an “egotistical character” is attractive to foreigners. Namely Jin, and his many relationships he’s had when he was here in L.A.

Jin loves foreigners. It’s said that he is close friends with Yuu Shirota, and that Yuu introduces these girls to Jin; also he takes them for okonomiyaki. In the past it’s been known that he goes out with happa girls that are good looking. Not just that but people have seen him favor the tall, white, pretty girls,” said C-san.

Source: tanteifile

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The Kanjani band-aid award goes to…?

So it’s been rumored there’s a girl, namely Ayaka, who’s one of the JE sluts girls, is now going out with Shota Yasuda of Kanjani 7 8. What they thought was KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamura‘s ex-gf, is now Ayaka Komatsu.

Both Yasuda and Komatsu are in the play Kagotsurebe and have gotten quite close. They have been seen on several dates as well.

According to certain fans, Ayaka was also rumored to be bed buddies with Kanjani 8 member, Tadayoshi Ohkura. Honestly its probably the guy that looks like Ohkura that works at a host club in Osaka. Yes, you read that right, at a host club, in Osaka, lies a Ohkura look-a-like.

Again, though, that Ohkura/Ayaka is just a rumor; but we all know better right? It doesn’t really matter since Yasuda pretty much claimed dibbs on her anyways.

What they need to do is make a big chart or list, so they know who’s been with who, that way nobody gets confused and gets thirds or fourths.

source: Scoop! Entertainment

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