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GARA GARA GO!! is still a NO GO!

The PV for their new single “GARA GARA GO!!” is out as well. I have to say, I’m still not diggin’ it. This video is so random, I don’t know where to look. It’s like a messy website: a lot of information, hard to process, don’t know where to focus. The song is eh, I give it an “ok” at best. Only because I’m really tired of hearing them talk about themselves in their own songs. Be original! We KNOW you’re BIG BANG, we know you can dance, we know you can sing, we know you have some style, tell us something we don’t know! I love you guys, but oh my god, you’re like a broken record.

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Daichi’s “Delete My Memories” is soo good.

So for those of you who didn’t see my original website @, this PV was up and I thought I’d share it again with those of you who find my blog by accident. Daichi Miura is Folder 5’s old vocalist. Although he doesn’t have those A-star looks, his talent is awesome! Just like Daesung! Just kidding! We know that Daesung can make your chonies drench.

And for those who want Daichi to make you all mushy, here’s a hot song by a not-so-hot guy with all the right moves.

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