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Misaki Izuoka, the POPTEEN winner celebrates

Misaki Izuoka

Happy Birthday to Misaki Izuoka.

The POPTEEN model celebrated her 19th birthday today (9/24 JST) with friends. Her friend Kumiko invited her to go out for dinner to celebrate. To Misaki‘s surprise, Kumiko threw her a surprise birthday party, inviting thirty of Misaki‘s friends to celebrate with her.

She was taken away with the gesture as she wasn’t sure what to say when they all screamed “Congratulations Misaki!!

“The people that I love most threw me a surprise birthday party,” said Misaki, “even though they had work, they came. And I know that they’re all really busy, I’m really grateful that they came. Thank you m(_)m. I’m really happy. I love you all.”

source: misaki’s blog

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