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w-inds. new album after 19 months

It’s been a while since we updated… so we’re updating with some awesome news.

Dance vocal group (or as some like say “hip hop” group) w-inds., will release their new album (title TBA) on March 3, 2010. It’s been one year and seven months since the group released their last album “Seventh Ave.”  For the first time since their début in 2001, the group took a year off from releasing any album and last year was spent releasing singles. w-inds. is not typically known for releasing an album every year, but it seems that this time they are evolving and took their time with this new album.

The last thing w-inds. released was their single “Truth~Saigo no sinjitsu~” in December of 2009. So for some fans, this is an eagerly anticipating album, for others (like myself), I’m not that eager, but I am anticipating what kind of album this one will be. They’ve done some collaborations and their music seems geared with some Western arsenal. Not only that but they have finally gone back to their roots with the PV’s and show appearances. They have more dancing in them, which I missed dearly. For a while after Ageha, they stopped dancing a lot in their videos.

So far I only found 11 out of the 15 songs that will be on the new album. There will also be two versions of the album, a normal and 1st press which includes a DVD with all six single PV’s.

Title: TBA
Release date: 3.10.2010
PCCA-03126 (CD+DVD) 3,990yen
PCCA-03127 (CD Only) 2,940yen

Current track list (minus 4)
Rain Is Fallin’ X G-Dragon
New World
Truth ~saigo no shinjitsu~
Don’t Remind Me
In The Red

Rain Is Fallin’ X G-Dragon
New World
Truth ~saigo no shinjitsu~
Rain Is fallin’ X G-Dragon (FCLT ver.)

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Oricon Rankings

It’s release day and here are the Oricon Daily Rankings for the week of Wednesday, September 16, 2009.

1 Koda Kumi – Alive/Physical thing [Limited | Normal]
2 °C-ute – EVERYDAY zekkouchou!!!
3 Shibasaki Kou – Lover Soul [Limited | Normal]
4 Hikawa Kiyoshi – Tokimeki no Rumba [Limited | Normal]
5 Angela Aki – Ai no Kiseski [LimitedNormal]
6 Cocco – Kokkosan no daidokoro CD
7 Tomita Lab – Parallel feat. Shin Motohiro [Limited | Normal]
8 B’z – Ichibu to zenbu
9 Choshinsei – Hikari [Type A | Type B | Regular]

1 Mai Kuraki – ALL MY BEST [Limited | Normal]
2 Superfly – Box Emotions [Limited | Normal]
3 Arashi – All the BEST! 1999-2009 [Limited | Normal]
4 KREVA – Shinzou [Limited | Normal]
5 Ne-Yo – Ne-Yo: The Collection [Limited | Normal]
6 The Beatles – The Beatles Box
7 Crystal Kay – BEST of CRYSTAL KAY [Limited | Normal]
8 10-FEET – Life is sweet [Limited | Normal]
9 BENI – Bitter & Sweet [Limited | Normal]
10 The Beatles – The Beatles Mono Box

*All Limited Editions comes with a DVD.

1 Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009 [DVD | Blu-ray]
2 Tohoshinki – All About Tohoshinki Season 3 [Preview Story book Limited (Import)]
3 Porno Graffiti – COMPLETE CLIPS 1999-2008 (Limited Release)
4 Aya Hirano – AYA HIRANO Music Clip Collection vol.1
5 Arashi – ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 IN TOKYO [Re-release]
6 Michael Jackson – Live in Bucharest
7 Sendai Kamotsu – Live & Film Tour 2008 “Umanami de”
8 Michael Jackson – #1’s
9 HOME MADE Kazoku – LIVE 2009~HOME PARTY in Nippon Budokan~ [DVD | Blu-ray]
10 Michael Jackson – Video Greatest Hits~History~

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A collection KARA SS501

all-my-love ss501

SS501 will release a new 3-disc DVD, MBC Collection. Each DVD will contain rare footage, of never before scenes from the boys. Disc1 is a documentary of their history, disc 2 shows performance footage and disc 3 will reveal private footage of their travel to Thailand, fan event footage, interview with the members, etc. This collections also includes a 100-page deluxe photobook. (Pre-order at CDJ)

The DVD will be out on 11/25 through Universal Music Japan (UMJ). Coincidentaly the same Japanese label as Big Bang.  I’m not sure if they changed labels in Japan, because their label in Japan has been Pony Canyon. This might have something to do with KARA making their debut in Japan later this year.


If they did change managements in Japan, I can’t help but think it’s because UMJ has done so well with Big Bang. SS501 hasn’t received that type of promotion in Japan and they’ve been there for over a year.

DSP Entertaiment said, “KARA’s Japanese management feels KARA has huge potential in Japan and we will begin full on promotions as originally planned.

It’s said that many of the industry professionals believe that KARA has the most potential of all girl groups in Korea. Which is probably true; they fit Japan’s image very well for idol groups. Yes I said idol, because that’s what they will be classfied as in Japan. Also, how much you want to bet that their music will be the epitomy of J-Pop and go against acts such as SPEED and MAX? They’ve been needing competition for quite some time, it looks like Korea is the place that can bring in some game.

Good luck to them, they will need it, especially in that Japan.

note: If you’re wondering about the title of this post, “kara” means “from” in Japanese.

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