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The truth about “HEARTBREAKER” Part II


This was so juicy it deserved it’s own post. For the first post go here.

“A person from VIPZ called Warner Chappell and Sony to confirm this for us; Warner Chappell and Sony both have not come in contact with any journalist or writer to publish this. Warner Chappell (who has the copyright for Right Round) said they are still doing meetings inside their company and THEY HAVE NOT EVEN SENT THE SONGS TO THE STATES YET. Sony(who has the distribution rights for She’s Electric) aren’t even taking this situation in consideration(they don’t think it’s a problem at all).


**Adding to that Warner Chappell nor Sony have made an ‘official’ stand on anything.

All the articles saying they have Warner Chappell’s or Sony’s official stand or side of the story is just a plain lie.”

credit: Beau@ygworld, bbvipz via bigbangvip

Now for the really juicy story behind it all:

The copyright owner to Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ has came out to confirmed that Big Bang GDragon’s solo debut song ‘HeartBreaker’ has committed plagiarism to the former.

Warner Korea, which is the publishing company to ‘Right Round’ in Korea, came out to say on 18th August, “The song ‘Heartbreaker’ which was revealed in full today has been confirmed to have plagiarised ‘Right Round’ by the composer. And the composer of ‘Right Round’ in America is in the dilemma of what to do and how to deal this case.”

It has been known that from the American side, they have already did an investigation of the whole song of ‘Heartbreaker’.

Warner Korea said, “The headquarters of Warner in Korea has already proposed the problem the American side with the judgement of the composer on the issue confirmed. But it is in the composer’s decision whether to give up on fighting for copyrights or to demand for a legal lawsuit.”

Here’s an article which came in after the above article (just to give more insights to the situation)

The company in Korea which holds 50% to the copyrights to ‘Right Round’ with Warner said in an interview on 18th August, “If we look at the song as a whole, we do not think that ‘Heartbreaker’ plagiarised that of ‘Right Round’.”

The person in charge said, “We do not know if there is a part to the rap which sounds similar, and the climax and highlight to the song is different also. Also the melody to the both songs are different.”

“With this reason, we cannot say that the song plagiarised that of ‘Heartbreaker’. There is so many cases of artistes getting inspiration from one another lately, If we are going to rule the song plagiarism just because it has some parts which feels the same, then many artistes and producers will fall into serious censorship.”

The person continued, “Whether the song has committed plagiarism the final decision lies in the original composer. Before they confirm that, we cannot rule the song as plagiarism.”

It has been known that there are about 10 people who are in charge of the original composing and lyrics to ‘Right Round’. This will include the person who came out with idea of the rap, the person who wrote the rap, the different people who made the special melodies. (YGWorld; kbites)


Oh YG what a web to weave and I love you guys.

Everything that YG has said is “false”, can we still call it damage control at this point? Well yes we can. I said it in the previous post, he recycled beats, and even though the rap part in the beginning is exactly like Flo rida’s, I don’t think he plagiarized anything.

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GD really is the “Gossip Man”


This time G-Dragon is accused of copying other artists’ concepts.

The album cover is said be similar to Spiritulized‘s album, “Let it come down“, and the photoshoot concept to Lee JunKi‘s “JStyle” photoshoot.

Let the guy release an album in peace, please.

While I’m well aware that songs are copyrighted, but concepts are not. Well, not all anyways. Everyone gets inspiration from some where. It’s where creativity comes from, artists draw inspiration from every where. While the photo’s are very similar, the idea behind the photo’s may be different.

I kind of feel sorry for him, but I can’t help but think part of it is just a publicity stunt. I put nothing past management and their ability for marketing. No really, I don’t. Everything that’s happening around the release of his album is all well, planned, so it seems. Think what you want, that’s what the marketing team is for. G-Dragon is getting great publicity for an album that isn’t even released and for free. It makes the marketing department’s job a lot easier. Remember, bad publicity is still free publicity and is better than no publicity at all.

credit: sookyeong@kbites

While I’m at it, here’s the full song of “Gossip Man” and translated lyrics here.

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The album cover, title and track list are out, but can GD really drop it like it’s hot?

Lately, G-Dragon has been droppin’ previews from his album on his me2day and on Big Bang TV. But how much of it really is original? YG has gotten blasted in the past for “plagiarism” over other songs and this time it’s no different. With all the publicity of his 33 sec preview of “HEARTBREAKER“, anyone who listens to American pop music knows that it sounds like Flo Rida’s “Right Round“. The only difference honestly is the change in keys. While GD has a higher tone in voice and sound, Flo Rida has a more bass tone.

On August 11, YG Entertainment said, “In no way was Heartbreaker plagiarized. This is a completely original track created by G-Dragon.”*

Then on August 12, YG released another statement, only this time, contradicting themselves. “Up until this point, G-Dragon’s solo album has been touched by many hands. It was co-produced and the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ had been produced hand in hand with Swedish producers.*

If indeed they worked with Swedish producers, it’s possible that Flo Rida worked with those same producers. It’s impossible for GD to not have heard those same beats, especially since he listens to a lot of hip hop and American music.

It’s not just Flo Rida, but it seems that GD’s latest sneak peek of the song “The Leaders (wassup)” sounds like Snoop Dog and Pharrell’s “Drop it like its hot“. It’s not as obvious as Flo Rida’s, but if you know American hip hop, you know that “The Leaders” had to have been influenced by Snoop and Pharrell.

Either way, GD and YG, just own up to it if you did. No one is gonna hate you, everyone recycles beats….and I mean everyone. Really you are getting cool beats from some of my favorite songs. Maybe that’s why when I heard “The Leaders (wassup)”, I heard Snoop and Pharrell too.

g-dragon heartbreaker

2. Heartbreaker
3. Breathe
4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
5. Hello (feat. Sandara)
6. Gossip man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)
7. Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang)
8. What’s up (feat. Teddy , CL)
9. She’s Gone (feat. KUSH)
10. Hollow
11. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 year)

*statements cited from allkpop

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