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VK has another good-bye…

Visual Kei fans of the band Gakido say good-bye to Piyo, Gakido’s vocalist. The singer died instantly in a fatal car accident on Saturday, 2/13, when the band was heading to Nagoya from Osaka to peform. Piyo (real name Yoshiaki Yamada, 28) was thrown from the car and died on impact; one other member was also thrown from the crown but survived. The minivan contained all six members and one staff member. While everyone else was injured only the drummer TOSSY and the staff member are being hospitalized.

All the members have returned to Tokyo and visited TOSSY and the staff member yesterday (Tokyo time), and that they are doing better.

Piyo last blogged on his ameba on 2/12 several times before the accident.
Yohya said, “Piyo loved to laugh,” that “he would tell people to “laugh”,” and that he “loved the snow,” on his blog.

While we never listened to them, it’s never a good thing when someone dies. I won’t say I’ll miss him because I don’t know nor do I listen to the band, I do hope he rests in peace and hope that the other members get well. Also send prayers out to his family, because it’s not easy losing a loved one.

source: tokyograph

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