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TVXQ @ a-nation

a-nation 2009 _logo_

It’s been over a week since a-nation 09, but better late than never, right? ¬†We got our grubby little hands on some photos of TVXQ. I’m not into this group or anything, but I have to say, some of these shots are looking good.

This is a sign that I’ve been writing way too much TVXQ on here. Tell me, should I stop posting TVXQ stuff?

If posting elsewhere please use the following credit and link back. Thanks.

Photos courtesy of Avex Entertainment Inc.

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G-Dragon’s album photos


G-Dragon has released some photos from his new album coming out on 8/18 called “Heartbreaker“. They look good, but I’m not digging the fact that his legs look like chicken legs and he needs to get some meat on them bones.

Also, he didn’t dye his hair, it’s either a wig or they sprayed his hair with that color and photoshop! The wonders of photoshop never cease to amaze… well just about everyone.

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